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    The loser of the test: Trek Rail 9.9.

    It didn’t win it last year in this category. That was won by the Merida eone sixty 10k. The trek rail 7 won last year in best under €5500 category.
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    Lightest Rail Build?.

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    Weight of Rail 5 stock wheelset?

    Just wondering how heavy the Rail 5 stock wheelset is as I may upgrade these.
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    Lightest Rail Build?.

    How light have you managed to get your rail with upgrades. What is the weight saving between the carbon and alloy version?.
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    Trek Rail 7 vs Rail 9...and Rail 5

    Where did you get 15% off?.
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    Rail 5 vs 7

    In the market for my first Ebike and Im pretty set on a rail. However I’m really torn on whether to go for the 5 for 4.4K or 7 for 5.2K. Both are 625wh. Is the 7 worth £800 more?.