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    Edit: Will Fox Float X2 shock fit a rise?

    I meant 216x63mm with offset bushings.
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    Edit: Will Fox Float X2 shock fit a rise?

    Are you using the stock 210x55mm size or 213x60 with offset bushings. Can you post some pics please?.
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    Orbea rise - changing crank arms

    Hi, Does anybody know which shimano crank arms are compatible with an Orbea Rise and will I need additional spacers?.
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    Best rear shock for Rise?.

    Thanks for this insight. I always suspected that you would lose some of the playfulness by making it more enduro focused. Like you said it’s a great trail bike and your better off getting a separate enduro bike.
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    Best rear shock for Rise?.

    Out of interest, what fork are you running on your rise?.
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    Best rear shock for Rise?.

    Yes I agree. I would consider the rise a trail bike and I’m sure that’s what most people use it for. Thats interesting that you prefer the float x over the alternatives. Do you think a float x2 would work on the rise?.
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    Best rear shock for Rise?.

    Ok cheers. Do you think a fox float x2 210x55 will fit my size XL Rise.
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    Best rear shock for Rise?.

    Is the stock rise shock trunnion or standard?. Does this matter when buying a new shock or can I run both?.
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    Orbea Rise LT

    Do you know what air shock I can use to get 150mm of rear travel on my XL rise?.
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    Best rear shock for Rise?.

    What rear shock upgrades have you made?. Is it possible to run a air shock with 150mm travel on a rise?.
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    Edit: Will Fox Float X2 shock fit a rise?

    What size frame?
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    Rise Up - What are your upgrades?

    Where did you get this cable from?.
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    Cable disconnected from EW-EN100 on Orbea Rise. Reconnected but bike wont start.

    During a ride the right side cable on my Orbea rise display was disconnected from the port which caused the bike to lose power. I reconnected it but the power still is not coming on. The light turns on on the bike but not on the display. Does anyone know how to fix this?.
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    Crank snapped my axle spindle?

    What model rise did this happen on?.
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    Fox 38 on Orbea Rise

    What head angle does that give you?!. 63 degrees?.
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    Fox float X2 on XL rise

    Does anyone know if I can fit a fox float x2 on a size XL rise? Has anyone else done this? It rubs the frame on a medium but XL might be ok.
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    Orbea rise max tire width?.

    Supposedly this is 2.5 front and rear but has anyone managed 2.6?.
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    Rs toolbox Garmin edge 520+

    How do I do this?.
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    Rs toolbox Garmin edge 520+

    I have downloaded rs toolbox in garmin connect app on my phone but when I go to settings > activity profiles on Garmin it isn’t showing like it’s supposed to. Any suggestions of what I’m doing wrong?. I am turning my rise on first then the Garmin.