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    Has anyone experienced motor controller failure?

    Has anyone experienced motor controller failure? Mine quit it took 3 weeks to fix new battery and controller. If you don't buy your bike locally be prepared to pay labour for warranty
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    Altitude vs Instinct for trail centres

    I ride a 2022 instinct on Vancouver Island it's very steep and rocky and tons of roots as well I'm not a big jumper but 1 meter drops are no problem. What I love is how the Instinct climbs like a goat and has a ton of power. So for me no regrets
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    2022 Rocky Mountain Powerplay Rear Hydraulic Brake Change

    You don't need to replace the hose cut off the lever and caliper get new barb and olive. Put your new brakes on existing hose bleed and ride
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    Speed sensor sources

    You should be able to buy direct from RM website
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    2022 instinct powerplay smells like burnt wire

    Has anyone else had a 204 error message? tried to ride yesterday got in 5 min on my 2022 instinct my battery went from 90% to please charge then I got the error message. I checked the power cable it was plugged in and I could smell hot wiring. So I guess I was lucky it didn't catch on fire...
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    Article Dyname 4.0 ebike motor

    common sense says stop riding for 1 minute and change the profile. I have a 2022 RM instinct a70 powerplay and I love that I don't have to dig out the phone to change profiles 2 programable and the factory one. Another nice feature is 4 stages of assist with the RM vs shimano and specialized 3...
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    2022 RM powerplay one way bearing

    thanks that was exactly what I needed to know. That's a good thing to do before you have a problem
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    2022 RM powerplay one way bearing

    Has anyone serviced the one way bearing on the cranks? I'm wondering if there's anything special I should know before I try to clean and re grease it. I'm at 500km and that piece of kit works hard