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    Who’s had a new knee and has it affected your riding?

    Painful for me --- had a full replacement 2 year ago, at age 48 - mo kneeling at all if i can help it, but i keep little foam pads around whenever possible. Have a gas fireplace and pilot light is always blowing out, so thats the repeated issue for me is getting on the kneew to light the...
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    Has your EMTB made you fitter, or kept you as fit, as your regular MTB?

    First rides i have done were on the same trails as i frequent on my regular bikes Heart rate average is about the same. Dont really go that much faster either. my trails are tight and technical for the most part --- But i stay out longer and as mentioned earlier in the thread, i also...
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    What did you buy your ebike this week?

    Turbo Connect display straight from Specialized website for $67 USD
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    2022+ Turbo Levo 220 brake adapter?

    looked around the forum a bit more and found a thread devoted to this same issue ! -- cool beans :giggle:
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    2022+ Turbo Levo 220 brake adapter?

    Was really stoked to try the 220 front brake rotor on my newfound Comp --- but to my dismay, S3 and smaller bikes only (only ) come with a 200 -- anybody know where i can source the mount to run the 220's ? as i may have alluded to in other posts, i am a gentleman of robust carriage...
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    2022+ Turbo Levo S2 or S3?

    my new bike is an S3 - i'm 5'8. I was worried at first because the reach length is considerably more than my analog bike (a yeti SB-100) - but the steeper seat tube angle closes the gap , and with a Renthal cockpit with 38mm stem and 40mm rise bars, the reach feels shorter than my regular...
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    Thanks friend !
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    What ya riding? Pictures thread!

    Dont know if anybody likes vintage road stuff or not, but vintage road stuff is a fairly serial hobby of mine Colnago Super- Record 8 speed Delta Fun Bridgestone Lastly - so i could get some non track use out of my custom track bike, -- i fitted a freewheel and a front...
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    What ya riding? Pictures thread!

    gravel bike project -- old rigid MArin with Jones bars -- work in progress SB-100 that i havent touched since i got the Levo SB-95 and 303 DH Litespeed Team - Record 10 speed CRF 450X KZ 750 LTD H-D Fat Boy
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    Other Discounted Levo’s?

    Bought my Comp right after Thanksgiving for $5700 (down from $7500 retail) -- of ocurse after tax and card fees it was over $6200, but still an amazing machine for the money to me With the Covid bike boom, manufacturers over compensated now they have a lot to sell. Specialized even laid off...
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    2022+ Turbo Levo Official Specialized Gen 3 2022 Levo Megathread!

    Literally the day after i brought home my 2022 Levo Comp the day after Thanksgiving 2 months ago First personalizations were to the cockpit in the form of my favorite bars and stem from Renthal, plus a Light & Motion Enduro 2500 headlight for those days where i get caught out a little too...
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    New Levo owner here (2022 Turbo Comp purchased day after Thanksgiving ) -- im looking at Levo Life as a way to hopefully keep me excited about riding again - so far so good. I built a beautiful Yeti SB-100 a couple of years ago , but in the span of 2 months, ive put more miles on the Levo...