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    2022+ Turbo Levo Turbo Levo Gen3 - loose headset by design - how to solve?

    Do you like the -1? Is it still stable at speed on downhill and the rough stuff?
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    2022+ Turbo Levo Turbo Levo Gen3 - loose headset by design - how to solve?

    Yes I agree there’s a problem. We have 3 2022 Levo’s, 1 carbon and 2 alloys. I was shocked when I took them apart and have the bearing cups fall out in the floor. Mine all made noise also and I thought about applying loctite to them but didn’t want that hassle when changing down the road. I used...
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    My Levo Leaning on Stuff

    Urban Wilderness. Knoxville Tennessee.
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    2022+ Turbo Levo So Specialized,...

    Yep I can confirm. I bought a Levo Comp Alloy on Monday for $5550 plus tax here in NC. Normally $7500.
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    Review 2021 Intense Tazer Expert

    I rode the Tazer MX at a local dealer in Hendersonville NC just around the parking lot and it felt really good. It has Öhlins ft and rear and I think they have the EP8. It was strong and the layout was really comfortable. Really strong brakes and felt noticeably lighter than my Giant Reign when...
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    Giant Reign E+1 2020 Brake issues

    Come on out here to NC. It’s going to be 72 tomorrow which is very unusual but I’m not complaining! Any word on 22 Reign availability on the west coast? They say maybe none available here. I saw a large at a shop in CA. but nothing anywhere otherwise.
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    Giant Reign E+1 2020 Brake issues

    I’ve never had a issue. They seem to hold up well, even at downhill parks.
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    Giant Reign E+1 2020 Brake issues

    Our two Reigns did the same thing with the stock pads. I went to truckerco on eBay and got some of their pads and had great results. Can’t remember right off but there’s a yellow and a black colored pad and one is resin and one is metallic that they offer. Both did well with no noise, the...
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    Anybody done a Kindernay on a Trance or Reign?

    No haven’t done one but what is it going to cost? I’m interested.
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    Reign E+ 2022

    Looks like the old batteries will fit with a new cover installed. Would be great if so.
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    Looking to rent ebike and ride trails in Durham, NC area

    Go to and you can find trail information on most of the local trails. Most are ebike friendly but not all. There are a couple of shops that sell Specialized and Santa Cruz that sometimes have demo ebikes. One is The Clean Machine in Carrboro NC and the Bicycle Chain has multiple...
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    Giant EnergyPak 500Wh / 625Wh

    I also could not find any new locally at my dealer or from Giant online and there was no eta. I bought new or barely used batteries on eBay and pinkbike but the real problem has been getting the battery covers. I have 3 Giants, 2 Reigns and a Trance all 2020. Have had one ordered for our Reign...
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    Creaking on my Giant Trance e+2

    The spanner nut on the right side of my Reign worked it’s way loose recently and made noise under load when pedaling. It took me a bit to figure it out. Finally I realized the sprocket had some side to side play and I removed the crank arm and tightened the nut that holds the spider for the...
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    Here is the stock post for a Medium Reign and a 0neup 150mm post. The minimum insert for the Giant post is 110mm and the Oneup 150 is 94mm. I’m not sure if this is exactly what you are asking but the Oneup 150 works great in my Reign E size medium
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    I’m running mine stock with no air spacers and 65psi. I weigh 175lbs. It is very supple on the small stuff and has good hold up in the jump. I would strongly suggest 160mm the extra lets you run a lower pressure and have the same ride height. If you go to a trail with big jumps you can run 75...
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    I have a Marzocchi Bomber with 160mm on mine and it’s the best upgrade I think you could do. Made the bike better in every way. And this fork is identical internally to a Fox 36 and cheaper. The extra 10mm makes it much better and dose not affect it in anyway negatively. You could go 170mm I...
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    Chain ring bolts

    They are standard lefty loosey righty tighty.
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    Dirt Jumps on an Ebike

    Ebikes feel better to me on the big stuff when compared to a regular enduro bike with the same suspension set up. They are heavier and more stable at speed and in the air, much like a motocross bike. Sweet video and awesome jump lines, wish I could hit them but a little far from here. This is a...
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    Creaking on my Giant Trance e+2

    Did you remove the collars that are pressed into the motor? If not that’s where it will be. Otherwise the seat post will be the issue most likely.
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    2020 Giant Trance E + 0 Pro or Reign E + Pro

    Go ahead and order a 160mm Bomber for the big stuff. It will make that Trance a true do it all bike. But not as awesome as the Reign of course, but we tried to tell you that earlier. ?