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  1. Waynetta

    Levo SL frame and pivot bearing replacement

    Can’t find a frame and pivot schematic for the SL only the FF. are the frame and pivot bearings the same ?
  2. Waynetta

    Front chain ring. Replace when cassette and chain need doing or not

    i haven’t worn out my SL chain and cassette yet but 1300 miles in I’m sure it won’t be long before I need to. So as I’m due to ride the long Mynd in about 8 weeks time I thought I’d buy new cassette and chain to keep ready for when the time comes to replace. i was thinking of replacing the...
  3. Waynetta

    Holiday in Shropshire

    Hello folks. Got 7 days booked in Didlebury near Ludlow. Obviously taking the Levo SL so looking for guidance where to go riding. never been before but hoping for nice fast flowing trails and steep techy stuff but NOT into jumps (broken back, fractured skull and dislocated shoulders have put me...
  4. Waynetta

    Levo SL Levo SL maintenance

    went to take the motor guard off and after removing two obvious bolts it didn’t feel like it was gonna come off without breaking something. Also my free hub as come lose a few times and can’t find anything on line about the SL for home maintenance, looks like the free hub is only secured by a...
  5. Waynetta

    Bike Stands.

    What are you guys using? Thinking of the small ones that just lift the rear wheel off the floor for setting up gears and oiling chain. also if you’ve got work stands where are you clamping the bike. Not overly keen on clamping the seat post with all that weight hanging off it. Any pics or...
  6. Waynetta

    Whyte E150 orders

    As anyone bought an E 150rs or other Whyte since December and what was the waiting time between ordering and receiving? my local lbs is hoping to get a demo bike down for me to try but I want to be riding before end of March (if it stops raining ??‍♂️)
  7. Waynetta

    Hello from Dartmoor, UK

    Hi, I’ve been lurking for about a month now and have been trawling through lots of threads, mostly about reliability issues as I’m concerned about spending 5k on a munter. I'm 58 and fed up injuring myself on a regular ( non E bike) Mtb and need to ride different routes that don’t break my...