Santa Cruz Heckler build with EP8

Here’s how Steffen built a Heckler with the Shimano EP8, and why you can’t.

Steffen managed this because he works at Shimano, and he got his hands on one of the first final production units. The EP8 can’t be sold separately, allegedly due to EU legislation. Steffen is a knowledgeable guy, and we discussed all the components he picked for this bike.

This is a really cool Heckler, thanks to Steffen for taking the time.

  1. Connectors all look the same as e8000/e7000, not sure I buy the increased data rate explanation. Looks entirely retrofitable to me from a hardware point of view. Any bike shop that deals with motor replacements can set motor angle I would have thought, which then only leaves the firmware of battery and controller perhaps. Reckon some enterprising person will sort an EP8 motor supply and offer retrofit upgrade at some point… ?
  2. I hope Santa Cruz will soon release their new e-bikes (Heckler MX en Bullit) with the EP8 and the bigger battery because I want to buy one of them?
  3. I’m sure Pedal and Spoke we’re offering people that purchased a new heckler now a free motor swap to an EP8 when available.