Orbea launches the Rise with an aluminium frame for 2022

The Orbea Rise is a popular emtb in the lightweight category. Orbea claim the new version with an alloy frame is as much as 1.5 kg heavier. But the weight increase isn’t just down to the frame material. The bike also gets a bigger battery! While the carbon version has a 360 Wh battery, the alloy bike gets 540 Wh! With that in mind, the weight increase isn’t bad.

Chek out the video review or keep on reading below.

Low weight

Orbea claim a weight of 19 to 20 kg. This is still a good weight, significantly less than most full suspension emtbs on the market. Orbea keep the Shimano EP8-RS for the alloy model. This is a lower power motor developed by Orbea. Max torque has been reduced from 85 Nm to 60 Nm. So the new bike should get good range from the 540 Wh battery.

Low power?

I’m quite excited about this bike, but I’ve got one question. With the new battery, couldn’t the motor be more powerful? I talk more about that in the video above.


The bike comes in 3 versions. The Orbea Rise H30 is the cheapest one, then there’s the H15 and H10.

Price and availability

Rise H30: €4.999
Rise H15: €5.799
Rise H10: €6.799

To my understanding, these bikes should now be available at dealers in several countries.