Norco release Sight VLT

Slick looking Shimano E8000 powered All Mountain VLT

From Canada, Norco releases their first EMTB with the super popular Shimano E8000, 160mm mm travel. At the moment it seems its not available in the UK, hopefully it’ll prove to be popular enough to make it over here.

Norco took their Sight and wrapped it around the Shimano E8000 drive system with the 630Wh integrated battery. It looks like a super slick integration that they’ve achieved, Norco’s goal being that the bike looks great as well as rides great.

The bike has a full carbon frame and weighs in at 22.3KG, Norco are saying its one of the lightest EMTB’s out there (it’s not quite!) but it’s pretty good for a 160mm travel bike.

Norco have evolved the geometry of the pedal Sight giving it a longer wheelbase to help with stability at high speed and a steeper seat tube to help with the extra climbing ability the bike provides.

A point to note, the battery cannot be removed. So if you like taking your battery out to charge (or need to due to access) the battery is fully integrated. Only a dealer can remove the battery.


The range will have 3, the range topping VLT 1 at $7700 USD, through to the VLT 3 (which features the lower specced Shimano E7000 motor) and a lower spec component set, priced at $5400.

Check Norco’s website for all the details