New 2022 Rocky Mountain Powerplay bikes, motor and battery

It’s finally here, the new Rocky Mountain Powerplay. And it’s not just the bikes that are new. The motor system with a display and battery has been updated too. The Altitude Powerplay in particular has seen some big changes. The Instinct Powerplay too has been updated. And there is just so much to say about the new Dyname 4.0 motor and the big 720 Wh battery. Check out the video to hear what EMTB Videos have to say about this big update!

2022 Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay

The 2022 version is quite different to the previous Altitude Powerplay. The new bike is a longer and seemingly more stable bike. Wheelsize is now 29″ and suspension travel is 170 mm front and 160 mm rear. The chainstay length is a bit longer than before, and the head angle is slacker. Check out the geometry and different models below.

2022 Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay

The new Instinct Powerplay keeps the 29er wheels from the previous version. Suspension travel is 150 mm front and 140 mm rear. Geometry is altered, but it keeps the chainstays length of just under 440 mm. Head angle is now down to 65* or below. Check out the geometry and models below.

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