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    My Decoy Leaning on Stuff

    A good hidden peace of wood (you can see it at the rear wheel).
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    My Decoy Leaning on Stuff

    ? we had a great sunny day with nice light at the Evening... so, light was nature but photoshop adds a bit color... ?
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    My Decoy Leaning on Stuff

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    Great video @Rob Hancill ! Do you spied any new kids ebikes out there? Would be nice, i've seen a new 24 fully at ben-e-bikes, maybe you have time to visit them and others. Bye and thanks for sharing all that information with us.
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    YT Decoy thread part 2

    @nativeracer Pls report back if the hanger is working just to be sure.
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    Decoy Pro Race includes valves?

    Only the base with DT swiss wheels comes with valves.
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    Article 2020 Cube Stereo 140 First Ride Review

    Hey @Rob Hancill ! You Said the 22“ size is a little bit too small for you. Whats your size and legs length?
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    Any chance a coil shock will work?

    Tried to ask YT? They should know if there kinematic is progressive enough. I would guess it is no problem but maybe you need to find the right coil.
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    YT Decoy thread part 2

    Try Trickstuff Power pads if there are available, best i had so far.
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    2019 to 2021 Turbo Levo 2019 Levo Custom Build...from FSR to S-Works and beyond

    @All Mountain Coaching Hi, nice build. I'm on the same boat by getting the base model and upgrade it. But i have to wait for a bike that i can buy :rolleyes: . A question to the dropper: Do you know if i need additional parts like clamps for the internal routing (maybe spec does not install...
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    Kenevo Official 2018/2019 Kenevo thread

    Whats your leg length compared to robs??
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    2019 Turbo Levo Owners Thread

    Does anybody knows if the light output from the brose mag s is the same as previouse brose (6v, enabled by spec)?
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    2019 Turbo Levo Owners Thread

    Hi, can someone tell me if there is (and maybe how much) space under the control unit inside the Frame of the carbon models ? I want to add a gps tracker but „my“ bike is somewhere between my dealer and spec.
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    2019 Turbo Levo Owners Thread

    I guess the hole is for cooling purposes and specialized hoped that no dirt passes the rear swing arm directly in back of the hole... but dirt is tricky :) I would try a metallic mesh installed from the inside ... should not influence the cooling but prevents the bigger dirt... If i remember i...
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    2019 to 2021 Turbo Levo 2019 / 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo info and FAQ

    Hmm, Hard. The only Coil shock i found so far was the cane creek. I could not found other 210mm shocks from fox, rockshox or dvo. But the strongest coil from cane creek is for 109kg