Bought my first Emtb earlier this year after a 10 year hiatus from riding. Prior to that I was an avid rider for many years, enjoying both MTB and Road riding with quite a few races and triathlons thrown in there.

In 2017 I had both hips replaced and in January 2020 had a pacemaker installed. Both my cardiologist and orthopedic surgeon tells me to continue exercising but I should "take it easy"....I'm not sure how I ride is what they meant.

I started with 2019 Haibike All Mountain 6.0, found it too heavy for my riding style and location. I was lucky enough to sell for almost what I paid for it. After renting a Levo SL for a month I decided to buy it. Went with the comp as I wanted an aluminum frame and knew I'd want to upgrade as I saw fit.

Thanks for reading.
Jun 12, 1972 (Age: 51)
Decorah, IA USA
2020 Levo SL


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