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  • Is your m500 still on sale? How much with shipment to Poland?
    actually it's m510 from my friend. asking too much for it, €600! I told him he couldn't get that money. it is more worthwhile to buy a new engine!
    I'm interested by a motor M510
    What is the price with shipping in France ?
    Hi, I'm interested in your offer on a 14Ah battery. What would be the price and postage to Slovakia. Thank you, Rasto
    Hi, I was following your post about the DIY battery from Igor. In the meanwhile I was contacting him for 2 different 14S batteries. Price is too good to start my own DIY project.
    As you have the battery for your E10 I would like to know which cable connectors you have on the BMS to connect battery to bike? Maybe you can help before I have to open the bike frame.

    Thanks in advance for assistance. Martin
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