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    Intermittent Walk Assist on Levo / Kenevo

    Same for me on a Kenevo expert. Takes a while to come on and seems to switch off. Thought maybe it’s programmed to cut out if it thinks it stationary, normally on the very steep stuff :-(
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    Weird Noise While Pedaling??? Video Included!!!!

    What is the bike? On a Kenevo I had a rubber squeak when peddling, maybe a seal into motor. Some WD 40 sorted that at the bottom bracket but not sure if WD is the best stuff to use. Also I sometimes get a creak from the plastic motor housing, you can add grease in the to the plastic motor cover...
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    Ride out picture thread

    A couple of Munro’s from Glen Clova today!
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    Hi from NE Scotland also- Aberdeenshire

    Top motor mount bolt was not very tight! Do you need the crank off to get to the others? Edit-took off crank and checked others. Only top bolt loose
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    Hi from NE Scotland also- Aberdeenshire

    Thanks csfmale. Will do now Rob, cheers Bike in living room, wife wouldn’t be less than impressed but she is away!
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    Flat, thin wide ebike pedals - what you using?

    Just ordered some of these. HT AE 03 Should reduce pedal strikes as not very thick
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    Hi from NE Scotland also- Aberdeenshire

    Kenevo just arrived. Been lurking on the forum and, Rob thanks for setting up, great source of info. Demo’d a Kenevo and a Levo comp and decided to go for more travel. Few photos of demo bikes I tried and unpacking and setting up yesterday. Helpful delivery guy left the bike on front drive...
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    Kenevo Expert Medium Troy Lee?

    Hi. I just got one in medium from Certini. They said they have 2 at the time I picked mine up. Good price at freeborn, I asked a few weeks ago and at that point they didn’t have a medium TLD at that time. Photo of the beast
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    Specialized release 2019 Kenevo Comp £4250

    Grey and Yellow Comps up on Rutland also
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    Specialized release 2019 Kenevo Comp £4250

    Not sure about that blue, think I prefer primary colours
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    Hello, just joined the forum, hope you like my new Kenevo

    Invisiframe helping with the shininess?
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    End of season reductions! Best time to buy a bike?

    I hired a Levo Carbon comp demo. On turbo it was also jumpy on only a half crank, not in a bad way when you are trying to get over something
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    Featured Troy Lee Designs Kenevo

    Looks good, normal Kenevo either too green or too black