Moterra Neo Crb 1

Introducing the new Cannondale Moterra & Moterra LT

It’s no surprise that Cannondale launches new models, we were expecting them to go with the new Bosch Smart System and the 750 Wh battery. But that’s not all they did. The new Moterra Neo appears to be a slightly milder bike than the old one. This has made room for the new Moterra LT. Details and my thoughts are in the video.

2022 Cannondale Moterra Neo specs

There are 4 versions of the 150 mm travel Moterra Neo 29er. The two more expensive ones get a carbon frame. The Moterra 4 was actually launched in December. It’s the only bike without the 750 Wh battery. Instead it gets the Shimano EP8 with a 630 Wh battery. All bikes in size small have mullet wheels.

  • Moterra Neo Carbon 1: €8.499 / £8.250
  • Moterra Neo Carbon 2: €7.499 / £7.000
  • Moterra Neo 3: €5.999 / £5.750
  • Moterra Neo 4: €5.499 / £5.000

2022 Cannondale Moterra Neo LT specs

There are 2 versions of the “Long Travel” version. This is a mullet bike with 170 mm travel front and 165 back. They both get the Bosch Smart System and 750 Wh battery.

  • Moterra Neo Carbon LT1: €8.999 / £8.500
  • Moterra Neo Carbon LT2: €7.499 / £7.000
  1. The one thing about the Moterra Neo and the Spectral:On is that the battery is out in front of the motor. I know it lowers the weight on the frame, but not sure if this is a good thing when riding trails where you have to do rock-rolls & log-rolls and you need the motor clearance.
  2. Thanks for sharing.

    When I saw the headline I thought oh no my bike is going to be out of date now.
    after watching it I am glad I have a 21 model at least my bike is carbon and they seem to have lowered the spec apart from new motor and battery made the bike even more mellow.

  3. Did they ditch the ai offset on the rear wheel?

    Yeay, they went super boost to move the chain away from the frame, another reason the chainstays were so short on the gen1. Now that the CS length is over 450 mm, I can’t see any reason to go 157×12. I’m pretty sure super boost was gone already on the previous generation Moterra and Habit Neo.

  4. Other than the bigger battery there’s not much that’d make me chop in my 2020 Moterra 2. Already mulleted it, extended the fork to 180mm and it’s an enduro demon.