Introducing the 2021 Santa Cruz Bullit

Did you think the new 2021 Santa Cruz Heckler MX had to little suspension travel and to small a battery? Then the new Bullit could be the bike for you.

2021 Santa Cruz Bullit XT


The Santa Cruz Bullit sports mullet wheels, just like the Heckler MX. There is a Maxxis Assegai 29×2,5″ up front and a smaller Maxxis Minion DHR ll 27.5×2.4″ at the back. All models come with a Rockshocx Super Deluxe shock and 38 mm stanction fork. Suspension travel is 170 mm front and rear. And even the entry level bike has got sorted and solid components.

Santa Cruz Bullit with the XT kit

Motor and battery

But there is one thing lacking on the entry level Bullit R, the Shimano EP8 motor. Just like on the Heckler bikes, you have to step up to the S-kit to get the EP8. All models get the big battery though, even the Bullit R. The Heckler frame is about one year old and the bigger battery won’t fit. But the Bullit frame is brand new and Santa Cruz opted for the big battery. And this sort of makes sense. Now they have got two bike with different battery sizes. The Heckler appears to be the nimble bike for jumping and shredding, While the Bullit will presumably feel a bit more stable and heavier to handle. But we haven’t ridden the bikes, so we might not know what we’re talking about.


In our introduction of the 2021 Heckler, I said the price wasn’t that bad. And that’s a strange thing to say about a 7-8.000 € bike. But Santa Cruz is competitive compared against bikes from some other major emtb brands, with similar specs. The Bullit is a tad more than the Hecklers. Sure, it’s a lot of money, and I don’t know what to say about the entry level model. When spending way over € 7.000 I would want the EP8 motor, not the weaker Shimano E7000.

  • Bullit R-kit € 7.599
  • Bullit S-kit € 8.999
  • Bullit XT-kit € 9.599
  • Bullit X01-kit € 11,799

Specs and geometry

2021 Santa Cruz Bullit specs
2021 Santa Cruz Bullit specs
2021 Santa Cruz Bullit geometry
  1. Just lost interest in the Kenevo! This might be the bike for me! The Kenevo still has a bigger battery and a little bit more travel. I was disappointed when Santa Cruz announced the new Hecklers, but then they drop the Bullit. I did a mullet with my Heckler and it is pretty good, but was wanting something a little slacker, more powerful, and with a bigger battery.