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Greyp G6 bike launched, live streaming, internet connected smart bike

Greyp have just launched their G6 EMTB. Developed in house by supercar maker Rimac, the G6 starts at €6,449 to €7,449. The bike is packed with tech and and really pushing the boundaries with what is possible on an ebike. To start, the bike has dual 1080p cameras front and rear that allow you to live stream your ride, or just record some of the best bits via a remote on the bars. The bike will record around 30 seconds of riding when you activate the camera via the remote.


There’s a whole range of gamification that Greyp have built into the bike too. You’ll be able to connect to other G6 riders to compare distance, power or a whole other load of competitive measures.

The motor is fully waterproof. Greyp claim that you could actually ride it underwater and it’d not suffer any ingress. It’s also the worlds first metal geared motor, all others use plastic. Made by MPF, its an integral part of the G6. The assistance of the motor can be controlled by a traditional remote or depending on your heart rate. The motor provides 250 W nominal and 450 W peak assistance and the firmware was provided by Greyp.

The entire frame is carbon fibre and it has some exquisite detailing. Knowledge gained by manufacturing the wolds fastest supercars has helped with the design.

A 700Wh battery is standard on all models and runs as another part to the frame, so no integration or bolt on here. Greyp say that it helps keep the frame stiff because it doesn’t need any cutaway or reinforcing.

Geometry wise it has a 67 degree head angle, with a fairly long chain stay at 480mm. I’m getting a day riding the bike tomorrow so I’ll get a good idea as to how it feels. 150mm travel give it more trail geometry than enduro and the company claim its capable of around 100KM. That’ll have to be tested out as mileage can vary!

The bike is fully connected via an eSim and GreyP have negotiated a deal until 2022 with mobile networks to provide access free of charge (full country list TBC). This allows for some really cool stuff. You’ll be able to remotely log into your bike to set it up. It’ll be able to be remotely disable if someone decide to take it without your permission. It’ll even detect movement and activate the cameras sending you a live feed of whats going on if a thief decides to take their eye to it.

A cradle on the bars will hold your smart phone and become a dashboard for your bike. It’ll display various information like speed, charge levels, GPS mapping and range.

The Greyp G6  is available in three models: G6.1, G6.2 and G6.3. The G6.1 is limited to 15.5 mph and costs €6,499. The G6.2 has slightly higher component spec and comes in at €6,999. The G6.3 has a top speed of 28 mph and costs €7,499, this is not a regular legal EMTB and would require to be registered etc.

The bike is already available to order and is being built right now in Zagreb.

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EDIt: Ride footage added above.

  1. That thing has a lot of cables – surely the perfect bike for the new Sram wireless groups. Can you take camera, displays etc off and run a much cleaner cockpit? Looks like they have also done the classic put the mode controller where you want the dropper post remote fail too?
  2. There’s some pretty cool things about it.

    It’s got heart rate assistance built in (BLEvo already installed!!), the anti theft stuff is really neat. Also the live ride recording…. I’m really interested in how well it works.

  3. Way too much stuff going on here and butt ugly makers are trying to add to many gimmick’s it’s all about riding those trails integration is great with smooth lines but this thing has shit waiting to be hooked on rocks.
  4. Don’t like that there it doesn’t come with a screen but instead wants you to attach your smartphone.
    I don’t like that it comes with cameras. I would want to choose my own camera to use on a bike.
    This carries on a trend that the flyon started off, the trend of "What can we plug into the battery and make a feature of the bike" just cause people use cameras and lights doesn’t mean we want them to come as standard on a bike. We want to choose, and we want to choose which cameras and lights we use, not have a bike manufacturer choose for us.

    That battery looks awful.

  5. Looks very interesting. For me, I like the idea of it being fully waterproof. I’m really keen to blaze some new completely underwater trails here in sunny Wales. I may have to purchase a snorkel first though 🤔 Be keen to hear back from you on how it rides and how heavy it is.
    Only thing I am concerned with is the cabling running down the back of the seat post. I presume it will be fixed to something to get it out of the way? If not, I can see the rear tyre catching that big loop 😱. Enjoy the test ride Rob 👍
  6. Most of the electronics are of no interest to me and that battery ruins the lines of the bike. Sticking all that weight higher than necessary can’t be good for the handling either.
  7. I like the styling of it – but it means some problems for me: single pivot rear suspension and no space for water bottle.

    And all those cables! If they were internal it would look lovely.

    Surprisingly I actually like the idea of "always connected" and those built in cameras – would be great for playing around and having fun with a few friends who also had the same bike. But it seems like it’s designed for people who want a simple all-in-one solution. You would always get a much better result doing video recording with separate (higher quality) cameras that you can position wherever you want.

    So maybe aimed at more occasional riders, holiday homes, rental fleets, that kind of thing?

  8. Not bad for a first attempt, assume this is their first foray into our world, the next model will be easy to improve on!
  9. Not bad for a first attempt, assume this is their first foray into our world, the next model will be easy to improve on!

    Hardly, GreyP has been a well respected member of the Endless Sphere eBike community for years via Zvonimir Sučić who has been designing eBikes since 2001 and after joining Rimac in 2010 he just kept upping his game. Past effort was more raw power oriented and the 6 is obviously more about legal market appeal.

  10. For me an ebike should look as inconspicuous as possible
    This looks like it’s ready to orbit the earth
    Has George Lucas had something to do with the design I could see a storm trooper riding one of these in the next Star Wars film.
  11. Aside from all of the electronic gadgetry, I don’t see them bringing anything new to the table except for a waterproof motor. I don’t like that there isn’t room for a piggyback shock and that the battery is up high.
  12. I think most people agree, in a game of blind folded darts, they hit the floor. Nice to see new contenders, but damn that’s not a mountain bike.
  13. Love the updates via wifi, no more going to the LBS for updates. They are thinking of the owner, not their distributors.
  14. Shimano already updates their motor system over wifi, no need to goto the dealer, just need the app on your phone.
  15. Even as a confirmed technophile this thing just doesn’t do it for me. When I ride I do so to get away from the constant buzz of technology*, so taking it all with me via an enormous screen on the handlebars is not appealing.

    Even putting that aside though I just don’t understand the design of this bike. Why on earth did they put the battery all the way up there in the frame? It seems to offer lots of disadvantages (raised C of G, no room for piggy-back shocks or water bottles, increased side area in a wind etc.) and pretty much zero advantages I can think of. It also looks pretty hideous IMO. It’s a no from me… ;)

    * – Admittedly I ride with a head unit on my gravel bike for navigation purposes and recording my personal fitness and miles travelled, but that’s it. The phone is in a back pocket on mute for emeregency purposes only!

  16. Honestly that thing looks like why a lot of MTBrs don’t like eBikes (or think they don’t). It doesn’t look like they took the bike aspect of it as serious as just cramming all this bells and whistles into it. Aesthetics goes a long way. In 2019 there is no excuse for poor cable management.
  17. Interesting to see that their are a lot of reviews for the Grey-p launch now on you tube, and most of them seem to be from car vloggers or social media "influencers" rather than bike media.

    I really don’t think this bike is aimed at the likes of us, the more I see of the media from the launch the more it makes me think of it as a rich mans toy, even if it is a decent bike, the way they have launched it just doesn’t make me take it seriously, and the way they have sacrificed sensible positioning of the key controls such as dropper post etc to make way for all the cameras and crap like that shows it wants designed with proper riding in mind.

    Will be interesting to see if they make the motor and battery technology available to 3rd parties though.

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