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Greyp Bikes are about to launch the G6, a super high tech ebike

Dual camera, fully internet connected ebike with crazy tech

GreyP Bikes are about to launch what looks like a crazy super high tech EMTB, called the GreyP G6. The company is owned by Rimac Automobili, who just happen to make the fastest electric car in the world, the Rimac Concept One.

Remember Richard Hammond’s epic crash on the Grand Tour? Yep, that was the Rimac Supercar that he crashed (and it burned for a long time after!). In 2017, during filming of the second season of The Grand Tour, Hammond crashed the car. It continued to burn for five days!!

Rimac Concept One is the world’s fastest electric car

But what about the new bike? Well it looks like Greyp Bikes have been developing not just a bike, but more like something that looks like a completely new interconnected platform. Just look at the amount of tech that it includes. From what we can work out there is also a front camera (and possibly a rear) built into the bike.

Clues to the design of the bike

With the integrated eSim card this means full data connectivity via a mobile network. The possibilities here are huge! Live streaming a ride via the integrated camera? Yes please! How about some kind of integration into a mass-interconnected online race? This kind of technology built into a bike is going to allow for some next generation connectivity.

No news on the motor yet but potentially a custom build

Only a few glimpes of the bike are circulating at the moment but it looks more ‘traditional MTB’ compared to the moto-style G12S that they’ve made previously.

I can’t wait to see how they implement this technology into the bike and just as important the real world riding capability that the new bike will have.

Stay tuned….

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