GoPro Chin Mount: Telesin Mount Review

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MTB action camera mounting position for POV footage is never going to be a subject everyone will agree on. Some will prefer the super smooth footage a gimbal gives. Others will prefer the camera’s own stabilisation and the look of footage shot from a chest mount taking in the riders arms, the bike’s stem, bars and controls. Others might prefer a cleaner helmet visor mounted option.

There are positives and negatives with every mounting position so I’ll not bother boring you to death about them here and just focus on the mounting option this product allows.

In the last year or so a few mtb Youtubers. Notably Scottish MTB trail Vlogger McTrail Rider and our very own Rob (Rob Rides EMTB) have been mounting their GoPros to their full face helmet chin piece.

To do so they have been using the rather crude approach of ziptieing a GoPro extension piece inside the mouth piece of the chin guard so it sits below the riders chin facing the direction of the riders view point and naturally stabilizing itself suspended by the riders head. Here’s Mctrail Rider’s video explaining his setup.

Although this option works absolutely fine and might even bag you a Blue Peter badge there has to be an official GoPro product to do the same, right? Er… Well, actually. No.  But luckily motorcyclists have been mounting cameras to their chin guards for even longer so courtesty of Chinese manufacturing and the magic of ebay there is a decent purpose made product available.

So here it is. The “Motorcycle Helmet Front POV Shots Chin Mount Holder For GoPro Hero 6/5/4 Camera” Bit of a mouthful, eh? Simply search Ebay for “TELESIN Helmet strap mount” and you’ll find it available from various sellers

So what do we get for our nine pounds? Well… it’s basically a GoPro compatible quick clip mount neatly attached to a felxible plastic backplate mounted on a silca rubber base offering grip and protection to your helmet when attached.

The three corners of the backplate hold the mounting straps, two in the middle underneath the plate and one either side from the top pieces. The two top straps have clip buckles attached and go over the top rim of the chin piece.

Thread the lower straps under and behind the chin piece, through the buckles. Adjust the position of the mount to suit your helmet, tighten and close the clips and that’s it! You’re now ready to fit your choice of quick clip extension piece and then your Gopro to the thumbscrew mount.

Fitting was a simple procedure but did involve cutting a small slot in the material that sits underunderneath the chin of the Troy Lee D2 helmet I chose to attach the mount to. (most Full face mtb helmets don’t have this and many riders remove it for better air flow anyway).

A word of warning though. I did break one of the buckles when closing the clip with it pulled too tightly. (completely my own fault but a replacement was sent out FOC when I mentioned it to the Ebay seller)

In use. I opted for the shortest quick clip extension (the one that comes with new GoPros) I found fitting any longer extension would result in the GoPro making contact with my shoulders and chest when I was riding more dynamically (Squatting, looking down or looking over my shoulder).

When wearing the helmet with the camera mounted in this way I didn’t  notice the increased weight and the camera didn’t obscure anything. The Camera’s buttons are all still easily accessible but obviously to see the LED screen your helmet or quick clip extension piece (along with the camera) must be removed. When replacing the camera while wearing your helmet try not to swipe the screen by mistake like I did and end up with an hours of descending all shot in time laps.

I’m a complete beginner at filming any sort of video and managed to get pretty decent footage using this mount on the first try. Here’s an example from one of the first times I used it.

My noob settings and lack of editing skill aside you can still see it’s a nice stable watchable view. I actually prefer watching footage shot with this style of mount to a chest mounted gimbal as it shows dips and drops and feels more connected than the super smooth almost floatiness a gimbal set up gives.


GoPro Chin Mount: Telesin Mount Review
This is a very well thought out solution to chin mounting an action cam. Easily fitted and removed and well made. An absolute bargain.
Good Stuff
Ease of fitting
Secure Fit
Well thought out design
Bad Stuff
Plastic clips could be stronger
  1. Another great review, Gary. Nice video. I’ve never ridden in the snow, but it looks great fun. You didn’t seem to be battling for grip or, for that matter, bothered by the cold (no gloves)?.

    Love Gary’s reviews. Proper honest reviews and real user feedback ?

  2. I have had to give you a hot because what else to you give a man who rides those trails that hard in highland summer weather with no gloves.

    Top review as always

  3. Good review
    question about the product doesn’t the mounting system block the airflow in through the chin guard. I’m thinking this might be more noticeable on a enduro lid like the fox proframe where the chin is quite open for all day riding.
  4. Good review
    question about the product doesn’t the mounting system block the airflow in through the chin guard. I’m thinking this might be more noticeable on a enduro lid like the fox proframe where the chin is quite open for all day riding.

    Yes. It keeps your chin warmer in the 300 days a year that you need it ?

  5. Great footage and great riding. Looks like an excellent solution, though as someone who’s never ridden with an action cam I find the idea of having one dangling off my chin a bit disquieting, even though it is probably no more dangerous in a crash than a gimbal and chest mount. I guess the answer is don’t crash!
  6. Thanks all.

    @Kangr . Air flow through the front (diamond shaped) mesh chin vent of the D2 was never great in the first place. It’s honestly not really much worse with the mount attached.
    I’m happy to just take the D2 off for any longer climbs. I don’t wear a full face at all if not filming or riding uplifted DH on my DH bike.
    I’m not really a fan of the new breed of super airflow enduro full face helmets. They’ve come a long way from the terrible Giro switchblade/Met parachutes of old but i’m still far too (old skool DHer) image concious if i’m honest. ;)

    @Stumpy Credit where it’s due. Cheers for the heads up on the forum all those months ago. Great little solution.

  7. @Stumpy Credit where it’s due. Cheers for the heads up on the forum all those months ago. Great little solution.

    Thanks for the recognition Gary but more importantly, thanks for doing the review and write up, contributions like yours are greatly appreciated by all – not to mention very helpful!

  8. Thanks guys – ordered! when I first saw it I was thinking how it would be quite easy to make my own version, as GoPro mounts are always so expensive – pleasantly surprised to see the price of this though!! cheers
  9. @JJLevo19 They’re Nukeproof Neutron 25mm rise 31.8 x 780mm bars and Nukeproof Neutron 31.8 x 35mm stem. Cheap and cheerful but solid, well designed and dependable ;)
    I don’t actually have that bike anymore but my current Ebike has the same model stem and bars but 2019s with all black graphics and 50mm stem length