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Elife X – a Norwegian bike using Bafang and the E10 frame

We test ride the Elife X. Even though this is a bike for the Norwegian/Nordic market, it’s still an interesting bike. Elife has taken part in developing the Dengfu E10 frame. Also they’ve had Bafang create a EU legal version of the powerful M600 motor, the M600S. Check out our video review for all the details.

  1. Big wish is that Bafang will allow these engine profiles to be used by others with the M600. Certainly the freeware available for the other Bafang motors transform them, perhaps Bafang just need to make a software App much like Shimano for the user to customise their engine to their requirements and they are suddenly into selling a lot more motors than at present.
  2. Yeah, the EU legal M600S is an interesting motor. Unfortunately it’s not easy doing adjustments to the software. We can use the Besst tool to install the new update, but we can’t alter the settings, nor can Elife. Bafang has sendt us a few different SW versions during the testing. And we’re waiting for more, before we start doing the motor review.
  3. M600 is supposedly 120 Nm of torque with American speed limits, M600S is a Euro de tuned brew of different ramp up rates and lower EU speed limit, M500 is supposedly a 75Nm lighter motor with EU speed limit.

    My guess is that one could knock off 20Nm on each of the motors according to ground reports but as a M600 landed on my door yesterday to go into my E10, I should be able to concur or disagree.

  4. I can’t find anything on Bafang about M600S, i found on Bafang website only M600 and M500 with 95Nm (not 75 Nm) where technically both are almost identical where difference is stator. Have you link to M600S? I would be more than happy to be able to reade more about this engine.
  5. M600 appears only available to ELife, there’s no chatter in other very informed forums about it, just the various standard versions and the upgraded versions that Luna sells.
  6. I’m going to guess (especially if this bike is successful) you’ll see this version of the M600 (M600S) offered by other manufacturers in the future. Unless Elife paid a huge premium, I doubt Bafang gave them exclusive rights worldwide–maybe in Norway, but not worldwide. The regular M600 is already offered in other bikes.
  7. MY.guess would be software detuned M600 so that customers can just firmware patch it later on their own much in the same way they deregulate motorcycles to comply with learner limits. It’s what I would do