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Ducati MIG-RR

Check out the first ride review video of the new Ducati MIG-RR. Built by Thok bikes but branded as Ducati, for the first time Ducati will be selling an Electric bike both in dealerships and on its own website.

  1. Awesome video as always Rob. Thought at the beginning – here we go, another BMW or Land Rover style rebranded special but it looked pretty damn sorted. Not sure – so it could just be a big name on a Taiwan factory special. Did they give any background info?
  2. Thok are one of the best EMTB brands out there, putting out some very well thought out and specced bikes. I think its a pretty smart move from Ducati, as it would appear they have left it to Thok to develop a more aggressive version of their existing range for the tie in, and only really got involved with the look of the bike.
  3. Having said that, as big a fan as I am of what they have done here, and despite being a big Ducati fan too, I would feel very self conscious riding round on a Ducati branded bike – and I hate to say it but if I saw someone riding it, but first reaction would be its some rich guy whose walked into a Ducati dealership to buy a toy with some loose change, though I am also surprised it doesn’t cost more as they could easily have bumped up the price with a Ducati tax.

    Be interesting to see if Thok bring out a non Ducati version.

  4. I’m a Ducati fan, having owned a few sportbikes, but I personally wouldn’t want to ride around on a Ducati branded EMTB. Still, looks cool.
  5. The key factor about brands is that they are supposed to signify what the brand is about. That is the value of the brand. It is why the owners of a brand are prepared to defend it in the highest courts. When you see a name like Harrods, or Rolls Royce, Trek, Giant………. then you are supposed to know what you will be getting in terms of value for money, quality, service etc

    Ducati may do this when it is emblazoned across a motor bike, but does it do the same on an emtb? Does the brand transfer itself to an emtb, or are we just supposed to trust them because it’s a Ducati?

    I feel a bit suspicious. Not because I don’t like Ducati, I don’t ride a motorbike and I have no feelings one way or the other about Ducati. I feel suspicion because I sense that Ducati are trying to transfer their image and values into an area where they have no expertise. They are in fact using the expertise of Thok. If you are a fan of Ducati, you may assume that Ducati have done their homework and carefully selected Thok from all the other emtb makers. That they have carefully monitored and quality assured the work of Thok may be a given, if you are a fan. But if you are neutral? Then I would be asking how much of the price is the Ducati license? I’d rather have Thok’s expertise without the Ducati branding. What am I buying? Who fixes the warranty problems? Who provides the aftercare? I’d rather it be Thok than Ducati. And all I know about either company is that Thok make emtbs and Ducati make motorbikes.

  6. I’m an ebike fan and I’ve had over 30 Ducati’s, I love the look of this but I won’t be buying one I’d rather go to an ebike manufacturer and cycle shop. But a lot of Ducati riders won’t own anything else despite other bikes being better or more reliable and they’ll lap this up 😁
  7. It’s not the first Ducati bicycle. They also have Ducati branded mtbs made by Bianchi. It’s probably aimed at a Ducati owners who like to stick to the brand. BMW do the same, and I think Porsche and Land Rover sell bicycles too. Nothing new. Edit: See also – Fantic and Husqvarna.
    At least they’ve got an edgy brand to tie in with. I have a Ducati and I really like this Emtb, it’s a little different from the standard bike and it looks great in the Ducati colors. Shame I could only afford it if I sold my motorbike!
    You may have to buy it from a Ducati dealer but after that it could be maintained by a Thok dealer, I can’t see any reason it would need to go back to the Ducati shop.
  8. That bb is ridiculously high. Other than that , it’s an attractive package. Not into going back to bb’s that high though. Try a back to back test with the decoy . Be like slam dancing in stilettos. Just guessing……….
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