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Riding! It's a weekend!
Wasn't really active in the forums for a while, but did many more km's on the Kenevo and it's still making me smile on every single ride! Need new brake pads now.
im on 07958311087 if you decide you want to sell :-)
Andy if you want to sell the second battery i will take it off you, for a fair price of course :-)
Andy A
Ok mate thanks for that :)
Nice - fellow yam-yam here - cut my mtb teeth on the chase BITD (Cheslyn Hay)
Still looking for the right eBike
Rob Back
Rob Back
Now the proud owner of a 2018 Specialized Turbo Levo, in black.
I was going to send that link to you.. haha..

It could be. Still looks like it's a way off. And we don't need a chairlift. :)

I was talking to my bike shop guy yesterday. Apparently this has been floating around for a while but the old council was unhelpful.

Hi there.

I have a 2019 Levo and saw your post on the EMtb forum about using the LightBlue App to change the wheel size and therefore increase the speed limit on the bike. I have downloaded LightBlue App, but cannot figure out what to do. Do you know where there are any instructions that I can find on the internet ?

Thanks for your help

Oliver (U.K.)
BLEvo, will the Ruota work with the 2019 Levo?
I need more speed on the flat to stay with my roadies mates!
The 2018 was fine after I hacked the wheel size to 800 - can I achieve that on the 2019?
Did you get Blevo to work on new Levo?
Thank you very much for your help:) yes it’s a 2018 Levo carbon I just upgraded to a 160 lyrik now the rear feel really vague,will post some pics. Cheers
HI Kiwi in wales,could you give me the dimension of your shock pls i'm looking at more travel at the rear and you seem to have nail it!!! Cheers
Seeking perfection
I'm new to this game and one of the things that has taken me by surprise is how many extra layers you need to wear on winter rides. I used to go out and think "it will be OK, I'll warm up after abut 10 minutes". But without the workload that doesn't happen. I've had two rides now and been freezing on both. More layers needed.
Hi Jezz, I work with your wife!! I was most envious when she said that you'd bought a Levo! I'm still undecided as to which bike to get; probably in January
How is the new bike?
Hi Paul is this still for sale . ?
Paul Mac
Paul Mac
No sorry sold
Welcome Steve! Not a lot going on over at Bikeradar is there compared to our old haunt at MBR...
Hi Rob. Still waiting to hear if I can come and pick up a couple of T shirts.
I feel like a beta-tester...
Nice one Jez, enjoyed it. Was good to ride with someone to get a different perspective. Wow those tyres pressures are all over the place considering what you started with. Battery is bloody good though. I had 8% when I got back!
Hopefully a few tweaks and you will be more at home with everything.
Just found out I can't do the Swinley meet as my Wife is running the Gosport Half Marathon that day. Maybe next month
Perfect, see you there for about 11.30am
Great ride today and sorry I was a bit slow. Front pressure was 15 ish and rear about 25 so probably a bit low! Battery was 42% when I got home!
My number is 07866 268518
Ok nice one. I can do that. Let me know where to meet in Clanfield and I can ride over for about 11.30am.
Meet at shops by Rising Sun?
Hi Jezzer, No problem although I'm pretty limited to ride times. Usually go out to QE Sunday mornings. Now I have the Levo i'm riding from home instead of loading up the car so can meet up with on the way through. I was out for a few drinks last night so may head over later this afternoon dependant on time. Just drop me a message whenever you are thinking of going out and if I can make it I'm in.
I’m the same and I’m struggling this morning with a hangover!! Was going to go out about 11.30 if you’re around.
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All Mountain Coaching
All Mountain Coaching
Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, UK.
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