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Hello, does the STunlocker with a premium license via the ios application have the ability to change the gear system to Di2. I know changing to Di2 requires software update / change, can I do yours via APP?
Regards Łukasz
I just broke the ring on my M1900 dt swiss whellset, while pulling my little girl with a cord in a steep hill, on my old analog bike.
This a classical 370 hub
I need to be able to remove the damaged ring inside the hub and replace it, and would be interested in converting it to ratchet.
Where did you get the parts ?
They are giving me a 15% discount because I bought one other one from them. I am willing to try to buy two of them and then ship it to you. You can pay me on paypal once I get it. Shipping might wipe out the 15% discount but it might still be cheaper for you. It's worth a try. Not sure how warranty would work for you if we you had any issues and we did this. you're call.
Keep in touch then. Thanks. :)
So here is exactly what I heard back from DVO today. Looks like July for you is probably accurate and maybe June for me:
They are on the scheduled to be produced/assembled in May so we hopefully will see them by end of May or beginning of June, barring no delays. Fingers crossed!!


It seems to be lining up OK, but I'm still feeling a bit unsure. Need to know the shipping cost and the expected delivery time to me. Currently it looks as though I might get it at the same cost and a month early, but lose the warranty. As before lets keep in touch. I don't want you to commit to an extra shock on my behalf until I give you a definite YES! Many thanks for your efforts so far. :)
Powerfly7 2016.
Powerfly7 2017.
Powerfly7 FS 2018.
Rail 9 2020.

3000 miles a year all terrain.
2 wheels good 4 wheels bad....Animal Farm. Watch out for the pigs people.
Hi Peter, thank you very much for your offer. This week I'm going to pick up the bike from the dealer and check to see if the two torque sensor pins are properly connected. If I need a component, I will contact you. ;)
Looking for a shimano rotor RT-EM900 203mm or RT-EM910 203mm how are these non existent with all these new bikes?
Hello, as you are an owner of a yt decoy Enduro maybe you can help me, I have a problem choosing the size between M or L, I am 172cms and short legs, I want an agile bike and do manuals easy cause I love technical uphill trails. I had a levo 2017 in medium size but i feel It good but maybe a little short. What do you think, are yt frames little or normal? Thanks
The journey started with 1983 Specialized Rockhopper, to 1989 Stumpjumper, to 2001 S-Works Epic, to 2009 S-Works Stumpjumper Single Speed, to 2016 Camber Carbon, to 2022 S-Works Turbo Levo. I raced cross country for many years and now ride to just ride.
Hello . I have a Trek powerfly ( 2019) with Bosch CX . and a DIY guy

Can you rec what to do to servicing the motor ? things to be changed ? .
Can you supply the special parts ? , or is it common marked parts for gaskets -bearings etc ( when you are in the business).
Best regards
Bearing Man
Bearing Man
These motors should not be serviced, only fixed if they start to fail. The motors will do 50,000 miles +
If anything does fail, we stock all internal parts and bearings. Just take a look at our site
Ulf Nilsen
Thank's for your information . with my about 2000-3000 km = 1860 miles a year , it will last ... until I do not cycle anymore ... , I'm 63
best regards Ulf
Bearing Man
Bearing Man
Just one problem, if you get water in them you could be looking at less than 150 miles!! Trick is to keep them dry 🙂
1658 miles on the Haibike 3.0 All MTN, second chain, same tires, it is a climbing monster. Love the reward of the downhills. 500 miles on a Specialized Turbo Levo that my wife owns. Turbo is an unbelievable Treking bike, would take it around the world. Love the Brose motor, but I am happy with my Bosch Performance CX third generation. Pedaling for Life!
Minulla auf myös ongelma, että akku ei sammu. kuinka sait hänet ulos. Kiitos etukäteen
Ich habe auch das Problem, dass der Akku nicht mehr leer ist. Wie hast du ihn rausgebracht? Danke im Voraus
Minulla auf myös ongelma, että akku ei sammu. kuinka sait hänet ulos. Kiitos etukäteen
Good afternoon, Valerio, you have managed to do the 540wh project of the jam2
if it were so, I would be interested in a reformed battery
Hi Vadl I have a premium licence on stunlocker love it but stupidly upgraded firmware to 4.9 is there any chance I can get instructions how to downgrade to 4.8.

regards Tony
Hi pal how do you fancy tomorrow?
Looks good . have a planned meeting with a friend in Sudbury road to look at his Switch conversion but it is fluid .
If you care to call me ..not too early in the morning perhaps we can sort something.
Cheers. Clive. 01787248090.
Hi Clive sorry just found your replay
I did phone you at 12:30 but no answer
I didn’t want you to think I was mucking you around my mobile 07825079066 I’m off all week
Hola! Soc Jordi, un català de 65 anys aficionat a recórrer camins i senders en bici , ara ja en E-bike, i m'agrada estar al dia de les novetats . M'agrada sobretot pujar camins , les pujades tècniques i complicades. Amb els meus amics fem recorreguts que de joves fèiem amb motos de trial. Es molt divertit! i sorprèn la capacitat de les bícis per superar fortes pujades! . Gràcies per acceptar-me.

Hey Reiner - I read that you went 27.5 and 180mm on your Levo. What HA and BB height did you end up with? thx!
Vinay, my LBS has a small comp AL for $7K
Thanks Will! I already went for the s-works frame and the damage is about 10k after components and tax, but it does come with an extender. And I do want the lighter frame. But I was able to pick higher end components I wanted like the code rsc, fox 36 etc. Thats great one is available.
Hi bigwaves. I'm interested in your battery dealing for the Specialized EMTB. Are you still looking to make a larger battery for the Levo? I'm also in SoCal. I live in Camarillo.
Hows that Facebook Stilus Group doing? As you know I've binned facebook and by no surprise the amount of spam I get has dropped significantly. The Stilus is still going strong, just had the fork serviced and I'm about to have to replace the rear E-Wild 2.8. Pretty much worn out at around 800 miles.