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Hi Frackus, I'm living in Cork have an emtb for a few years but don't get out as much as I'd like to as I don't really know many people with an emtb. Send me a message if you're interested in meeting up for ride-outs when you get your bike. I know Ballyhoura well but I have lots of other off the beaten track routes mapped. Moss
Hello, please keep us updated regarding your experiences with Bosch firmware and Badassbox 4. Thank you.
Why "Reborn Rider"? I rode a bike everywhere as a kid, but stopped as soon as I got my first car. I took up mountain biking last year at age 65 because my knees began interfering with long distance running. I burned more calories as a runner, but mountain biking is more fun.
Owned a 2019 Levo ht for almost 2 weeks now and love it. Will be looking to upgrade when I can afford it. Pedals, dropper post and tubeless first and hopefully some new forks in the new year.

I expect I'm a year away from thinking about getting a full sus but that could be a good thing with all the new stuff coming out.
Impaitently waiting for my 22inch cube stereo 160 action team and 23inch cube acid 29er to be fixed... had it a week and it broke id recomend avoiding buying a bike from tredz they have had it for a month and no nearer getting fixed
Hi, just got my levo back with new motor fitted, can I use the levociraptor with the new firmware 6.1.0?
Do you fix Shimano motors? My mate's motor is out of warranty and the bearings sound a bit rough.
Hi Paolo you guessed it I'm a newbie to the forum so I'm after a little help.
My Levo Turbo FSR 2019 is fitted with Planet 3 and using Blevo app I have no problems as such she runs like a dream but I have a niggle. When I start up it always defers to Trail mode & I would like it to start up in Eco must be user but
not enough knowledge yet to sort it , help appreciated.
Hi Phil,
Yeah, live in Norbreck.

A few of us get out and about in the lakes, Gisburn, Llandegla etc.a

Hunt me down on Facebook
Stewart Sanderson.

Similar profile pic, but maybe have full eyewear on.
I’m on FB as WheelieKing but never go on anymore. I’ve found you on Strava.
Hope our paths can cross for a pedal soon!
Hello, I am ISHI, I am 53 years old and I live in the city of Balneário Camboriú, on the coast of the state of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. I have been practicing trails for many years and recently acquired a SPECIALIZED Turbo LEVO FATTIE. I look for battery tips and information. I'm already using the BLEVO app.
david were trying to get a group ride together for next week
up Derwent or somewhere else maybe how might you be fixed
Hi Stormy 107

I see from an old thread that you use a Inno roof mounted bike rack. Can you tell the make and model and size of your emtb as i want to get the same roof bike rack but my Trek Rail wheel base is 2cm longer than recommend length capacity on there site so just trying to get a gauge if it will fit in anyway. Cheers Tom