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Product name: Wrist watch torch
Price paid: £6.99
Score (out of 10) 6

Review: Okay, this is where I lose what little credibility that I have. :D

Continuing the lighting theme.....I bought a wrist watch torch last winter, expecting it to be more of a gimmick than anything else, and had no expectations about it.

In reality, it has actually proved to be a very worthy addition to my night riding kit, and I seldom leave home without it.

The first thing that I did when I received it, was to throw the compass straight into the bin. I really have no idea what that is all about.

The light is pretty bulky to have on a wrist, but I quickly became used to this, and concerns that I had about it being in the way or knocking it, never materialised.

In use the light is surprisingly bright, and you could if required, strap it to the bike as a get you home emergency light, if your main bike light happens to fail.

I do carry a pen size torch, but on the few occasions that I have required a torch for ride side repairs etc, this has proved to be very useful. The beam angle could be better, but it isn't the end of the worlds as it is.

The strap is also pretty dire, but I have just been too lazy to change this.

In one year of ownership, I think that I have only had to charge it twice, and charging it is just a case of plugging the usb lead in.

It isn't the sort of the sort of thing that you would want to be seen wearing to the pub, but isn't a bad addition to winter night riding kit.

There isn't really anything else that I can say about it, or that I would even want to! :)

Link to Ebay source. Please note this isn't a recommendation of seller. Multifunction Charging LED Wrist Watch Flashlight Torch with Compass for Camping | eBay

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