some real world figures in case anybody is interested on my Jam2.


Oct 28, 2018
Wellington New Zealand
Focus Jam2
This Mornings ride: 54.1km according to Strava (bike showed 59km). 1,161m climbing. Time moving = 2hrs 37minutes. About 80% in Trail, 10% in Boost and 10% in Eco. Ran the integrated battery flat then 12km range remaining in Trail Mode on my TEC pack. Temperature about 12-13 degrees celcius and conditions "damp". Mix of Road, Fire Road and Bike Park Single Track. I weigh 114kg and am 58 years old (well I will be later this month). overall fitness for a fat old fella = reasonable, I have done nearly 2,300km on this bike in the last 6 months and a few hundred on my organic hard tail. Gotta say I love this bike and have had zero issues.

Andy A

Jan 13, 2019
North Yorkshire
That's a good distance and quite a lot of climbing :) I just recently got a new Jam2 and I absolutely love this bike I also have the TEC pack which I think is just a great idea, I haven't needed to use it yet but I will do when my wife gets her new Levo with the 700wh battery they are great bikes aren't they :)

I got 27 miles on the North York Moors with around 2400 feet of climbing all done on the internal battery I did have the TEC pack ready but I didn't need it so for me the range so far on this 378wh battery has really surprised me in a good way :)
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May 4, 2019
Focus Jam2 plus 6.8

My first ride on the Jam2 today, hopefully the image loads. Finished the ride with 6 miles left. Very very impressed with bike.
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Nov 5, 2018
Grantham, UK
Focus Jam2 9.6 NINE
Last Sunday at Woburn Sands, a place I thought would be flat. It wasn't! Which is why I didn't take the Tec pack for my Focus Jam2.
I have no idea of the height gained, but there are some long and very steep climbs there. On the 378whr frame battery I did 14.5 miles with 3 miles left in Eco (only the red bar left). I was disagreeably surprised by that because before I set off the battery was showing that I could have done 22 miles in Boost. I really must stop powering up those steep hills, there was no need to go quite that quickly! I am 14.5 stone in my riding gear.
One of the other guys was on Focus Jam2 too. We rode the same trails and did the same distance, but he did a lot better than me wrt range remaining. He was about a stone lighter than me, he had the original Rekons on vs my High Roller 3C, and his tyre pressures felt higher. Oh, and he was ten years younger than me! That may have had more to do with it! :giggle:
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