So 12 months of ownership, how did it go


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Jun 26, 2018
Gold Coast Queensland
Giant Trance E Pro 1
G'day all, so i have had my E Pro 0 now for 12 months and done just over 2000klms. This is my second E Bike, 1st was the E Pro 1 which i liked, that's why i bought it, but it was a case of an Orange Lemon, so hense i ended up with the 0.

Anyway, back to the bike i have. 12 months of ownership and riding, nearly all, i would say 98% of my riding is trail type stuff, single track, smooth, dusty, rocky, rooty, wet, muddy type riding. During the year i have used 2 sets of tyres, 1 set of brake pads and greased the headstem bearings. Normal washing and lubing chain etc.

On the last couple of rides i noticed shifting on a couple of gears playing up, could'nt adjust out with cable at shifter, noises coming from the front and it was starting to piss me off. So basically time to go over bike and see what needs replacing.

Chain was at it's limit, some teeth worn on the rear cassette, derailleur also a bit toasted, upper headstem bearing was also cruchy and falling apart, rear tyre also shot. I have been riding with a twisted crank for a bit and a bar was snapped off one of my peddles, so time to fix it all up and ride again for another 12 months of happiness.

In the 12 months replacing

1 chain
1 rear cassette
1 derailleur
3 sets of tyres
1 upper set headstem bearings
1 new shift cable.

Pretty good i think.

Replaced but were not nessasary.

1 set of peddles
1 set 165mm cranks

Things i changed for myself

1 fork extension to 160 travel
1 set renthal bars 40mm rise.

Had the battery health checked at the shop and it was tip top, as good as new.

Things replaced under warranty

1 x new control switch

So my report card for 12 months, I'm pretty stoked. Bike is heaps of fun to ride, and so far has been problem free, happy day's.

How have you guys and gals gone with wear and tear so far?
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Sep 5, 2019
Giant E-Trance Pro
Excellent report(y)

Im at 950kms after 6 months. Just replaced the rear brakes to steel vs organic.
Tires are still stock as well as the drivetrain. Changed the pedals to non clipless & of course have to run the Renthal carbons bars. Seriously thinking about a coil rear shock?

Great to hear your Yamaha motor is working well. After reading the LEVO reports, i would touch one of those bikes:unsure:



Feb 16, 2019
Maffra Victoria Australia
Giant full e pro
full e pro, 2 years, about 2800 km but I'm not sure because the speed sensor was playing up. Still loving this bike but's a bit of a grandpas axe...

Pretty much every bearing on the chasis has now been replaced ( shock linkages getting done at the moment)
3/4 chains ( I lose count with the kids bikes etc)
god knows how many brake pads
About 3 sets if rubber - they all get sliced before they wear out
1 cassette, and the original front sprocket SNAPED in the first week! Crank was replaced at the same time under warranty
I'm about to get a new motor - it was going well but there was a torque sensor issue - giant warranty is awesome
evo screen drowned crossing hotham in absurd storm conditions - again, giant warranty is awesome

Usual personal upgrades - one up dropper, higher bars, shorter stem, different seat, grips, forks extended, etc

So, the way I figure is I have a couple of months to replace the battery before it runs out of warranty, then I can take my time breaking the frame...everything else has been replaced.....


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Jul 14, 2019
Dunedin NZ
Rocky Mountain
RM Altitude Powerplay: 7 months in, 3000km, still on 1st pair of tyres, 2nd disc pads+rear rotor, 3rd chain, original cassette and front ring, original transfer cog. No motor issues, 2 speed sensors failed early on but fine last 2400km. Greased headset at 2000km. Been collecting all the parts to service drivetrain, new rubber, service suspension, clean and polish etc. Just have to find the time cos I'm riding it every day 😁


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May 30, 2019
Cape St Francis
Giant Trance E+2 SX
I've done 2900 kilos in a year on my Trance-e +2. After my second cassette greeted, (First one bent, second one broke a tooth) I decided to change from Shimano to a SunRACE MXZ8 cassette but kept on riding until the chain needed replacement at 1900 kilos. I then replaced the KMC chain and SLX cassette at the same time. The cassette was a winner but the Shimano chain only lasted 900 kilos so I'm now back on a KMC chain (original spec).

Apart from that I replaced a rear tyre with a 2,8 DHRII and my girl with a Suntour Durolux 29 as I wanted a higher front-end and the option to go mullet (29 front). In the end I stuck to 150mm although I can internally adjust it to 170mm and I've also kept the 27,5 wheel in front. The fork lifted me front by 30mm. The front-end is lighter although still perfect for climbing and the bike is super steady downhill with great confidence and stability on tough terrain. The smaller front tyre let the bike still very maneuverable. I also fitted Crank Brother Stamp 3 flat pedals.

Apart from the chain and rear cassette nothing that I did on the bike was due to failures of any kind and it didn't cost me a cent.

The rear freewheel hub, first cassette and controller were both replaced under warranty. The freewheel hub was replaced in my request before it failed die to failures of another bike on our group that indicated a freewheel hub issue.

Our riding is almost exclusively trails and rough terrain with some interlinked roads.

The bike has been extremely reliable and the 2 other Giants in our groups were exactly the same. Compared to the Specializeds that we ride with these bikes are epic.

Only criticism I have is the low front end but that is personal choice and probably due to the type and style of riding that I do. Other people will love it for exactly that reason.
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Jul 10, 2019
Pleasureville Ky
Gaint Trance E+ Pro 1 2019

About 10 months and 43 charge cycles.

Very few Giant related issues.

Mud inside the battery motor interface caused a few system cut outs until I figured out the trouble.

The SRAM 12 speed eagle drivetrain proved to be allergic to my trails, but... was cured of the prognosis once I administer death to it, and chucked it into the woods.

Replaced parts
Drive train replaced with shimano 10 speed, Brake pads, tires, seat, 160mm-cranks. Riser bars.

I love the bike. I wish the torque would not taper off so much as cadence increases (compared to a shimano).
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Jan 11, 2020
2020 Giant Stance-E
I thought I would give a 250 km review of my Stance-e. I also found the bike low in the front so moved all the spaces under the stem rather than above the stem. This helped a lot. I am having a hard time dialing in the front suspension. I started with roughly 20% sag but this was too stiff so I am not at about 30%. I'm finding that it is quite harsh over bumps but lowering the air pressure results in too much brake dive. Currently I'm running about 65 psi in the front.

I am seeing the first signs of wear in the rear tire. For my conditions here I think I need something with more bite. I find especially in mud, the back tire spins easily.

The motor seems to be getting noisier with use. Perhaps that's just my imagination or maybe I am pushing it a bit harder now that I am getting more confident.

Range is a little less than expected...typically around 50-60km on a full charge, 90% at the second level (Eco+ setting) with occasional spurts uphill on the 3rd level.

That on tight technical bits any more than the second assist level results in abrupt power application and if the front wheel is turned, it's a handful to keep the bike up.

Overall I'd say I'm pretty happy with it. I find it very stable at speed and am sure I am riding downhills faster on it than on my Stumpy.