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Jan 18, 2018
Cornwall uk
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Product name: Pro form tyre tool
Price paid: Cheap I think
Score (out of 10): 10 /10

Review: I’ve seen a few gimmicky easy tyre change tools over the years , and always thought there’s no substitute for a good pair of levers and good practice . Tyres should go on using thumbs only without levers is true until recently as tyres have become tougher and using inserts etc .
I would have dismissed this tool as another gimmick had it not been in a goody bag my daughter Won at an event .
So We gave it a go on a tyre that’s normally quite tough to fit , I was impressed , simply pushing the tool around the bead easily with one hand in one easy effort and it just popped on

check this little tool out in the video in the link below it works a bit bit like a tyre machine head and the plastic clip to keep the bead down in the rim while fitting make it a breeze .

ProForm Tyre Tool - Upgrade Bikes

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