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May 7, 2019
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Thanks for the component weights Gary. By changing the front fork, bar and stem I'm looking for less vibration on the hands and a more compliant ride at the front. Actually want to slightly slacken the head angle with the 160 fork and of course get better HSC and LSC control.

Main reason for wanting to try a coil shock on the SL is to have a more controlled ride over gnarly trails and rock gardens and increase the grip all around.

Would I be better off with a different shock?
havnt ridden the SL but I would 100% recommend not putting coil on that bike, go for a DPX2, perfect for that bike. Coil will change the character too much, just looking at it on paper. You bought it to be a snappy fun trail bike I’m assuming? Coil will change that. I’m sure plenty will disagree, but I’d keep it as light as possible. 2.3 tire is plenty big especially on rear. Taking this light snappy trail machine and giving it the enduro bro treatment is opposite of its design intention. im sure the will come out with an sl enduro at some point, just buy that.
Feb 7, 2020
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seamarsh...I'm curious as to why you would not recommend a coil on the SL as it has the same exact geometry numbers at the standard Levo except for a shorter chainstay of 437 mm vs 455 mm on the Levo. People seem to love how a coil rides on the Levo and the weight difference between the Fox DPX2 and the EXT Storia is about 200 grams or about the weight of a 29 inner tube. The EXT Storia with spring installed weighs about 630 grams and the DPX2 weighs about 430 grams. I understand if you are after the lightest weight...but that isn't what I am after.

Now, if you say that the DPX2 rides just as good as the Storia, then that would win me over. I do like the $500 difference in price of course. Many riders are floored with the performance of the EXT Storia but I have never ridden either shock so who knows.


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Apr 13, 2018
I think people get confused over the whole coil vs air argument. Its rare that a coil is better than an air shock or vice versa as they are not the same thing, they are different options for controlling the rear end of your bike.

Fundamentally it comes to how you want to ride your bike, where you ride and what you are looking for in terms of handling characteristics.

I would always caveat that when you say I fitted so and so and it transforms the bike, that it transformed the bike for you.

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