How is the Commencal after care also bike quality and reliability


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Sep 14, 2018
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I'm looking to buy a Ebike and the meta power is one of my top contenders. I have been told to keep away from commencal by a guy who used to be a rep for them. but i don't recall hearing many horror stories on here. So what are your experencies good or bad and how do you rate their after sales service.

Just edited the title so you guys can give me infor on the quality of your bike and its reliability, as these are all important to making a good purchasing decision.
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Mar 14, 2018
They are fine and would recommend. If it is a shimano problem, they will have shimano cs take care of the issue. They answered the phone, we talked briefly about riding experiences and I had no problem changing sizes after my order was made (XL to L to XL).
Oct 14, 2018
Lisboa, Portugal
In my opinion the bikes are great and are among the best value in the market today. My Meta Power came with the speedometer wrongly calibrated for my wheel size (the odometer read more distance than the reality and the motor would shut down once I reached 20km/hour). I called the after sales to ask for a shop where I could take the bike and they said no worries, we can give you a better solution. They sent me a Shimano SM-PCE1 unit by express mail, which I received 2 days after and they connected with my PC through teamviewer and configured the bike and updated the firmware in 10 minutes. I then just had to put the connector back in the box and leave it at the post office with the label that they sent me to send it back to Commençal free of charge.

One happy customer 😃

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