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May 16, 2022
Vassago Bandersnatch
Hi everyone. I stumbled on this little forum while looking into various ways to go about converting my existing bike to an ebike.

A recent trip to the CA coast (Dana Point) to visit a few friends entailed my first few ebike rides. They weren’t mountain bikes actually. But heavy rear hub drive all-arounder type utility bikes. Still plenty of fun though.

Anyway, I’ve got the bug now and am wanting to electrify my Vassago Bandersnatch 29er for use in my area. I’ve hardly ridden it since building it a couple of years ago. Had some health issues and a bit of chronic laziness that I have/need to overcome.

My background (as far as bikes go) is primarily motorcycles. BMX bikes as a kid. Then street and dirt bikes later on. Although, the only motorcycle I still own is a KTM 530EXC Supermoto. I would like to get back onto that thing. But I need to start out on a bicycle first.

Picture is of Ms. Edie. It’s her birthday. She’s two years old today.
Also in the photo is my (first?) victim. My Vassago Bandersnatch. Medium size frame. Steel 29er hardtail. Has decent components and frame was freshly powder coated a matte white before building a couple of years ago.

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