For those with the blue one!


E*POWAH Elite World Champion
Nov 5, 2018
Grantham, UK
Focus Jam2 9.6 NINE
I have posted once before about finding a very good paint match for the blue paint colour on my Focus Jam2. (Peugot Aegean Blue Metallic from Halfords).

Paint chip 2.jpg

But the area of colour match was tiny as it was just a small paint chip.
Unfortunately, I had an off on Sunday and I have a much larger area to cover, so I thought it would give a better idea of how good the match is.
The top of the drive side seat stay (between the weld and the pivot) received quite a gouge and it removed paint right down to the white basecoat. I forgot to take a pic before I did it, but I have pasted in the result below. I didn't do a full rub down and even attempt to make an invisible job. I just wanted one good enough so that you would't see it from a distance. I removed loose paint, put about four coats on, then two layers of lacquer. All applied with the fine brush that came with the kit. Once it had dried overnight, I finished off with a some body coloured polish left over from a blue car I used to have.

From a distance:

Paint chip seat stay 1.jpg

And close up:
Paint chip seat stay 2.jpg

I'm sure that if I had spent more time on it and if I had more skills, that I could have got an almost invisible match.