Flyer Uproc and Panasonic GXO motor


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Feb 4, 2019
I visited the E-bike challenge fair in Ghent/Belgium this weekend and discovered a Swiss brand called Flyer. The Uproc 7 uses the Panasonic GXO engine, with a 603Wh/16,75Ah Panasonic battery (SIB630). It's very difficult to find any info on this brand and certainly the Panasonic motors get very little love on the internet.
Too bad I could not test-ride it, but I did try the speed-pedelec version with the same engine in it…which felt very powerfull and yet amazingly controllable and very easy to tune according your needs.
If you look at the failure rate of panasonic products compared to other manufacturers, this could really be a major contender for the emerging e-mtb-market I think.
Power vs weight is best in class, and I liked the fact that there are 2 gears inside this little motor. This means that you can widen the use of this bike. Small gear for climbing and taller gear for the speedy flat sections.
As I have test-ridden the Bosch Performance CX and also the Shimano E8000 back to back, I could feel the power difference immediately. But with the Bosch the power seems 'rougher' than the Shimano, and the Shimano felt very controllable and intuitive vs the Bosch…the Panasonic seemed to combine the best of these two.
Also the Brose in the 2019 Turbo Levo (2.1rx trail) felt comparable. But more testing seems necessary…;-)
I hope to hear more about this GXO motor, as I was leaning to a 2018 Turbo Levo, but this Flyer sparks my interest.


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Apr 13, 2018
The Panasonic motor hasn't really been seen in EMTB's yet so I doubt anyone will have used one on here - but they have been making motors for normal E-Bikes for years, and make the batteries for Giant.