E+ Service/Technical Manuals


Jul 10, 2019
Pleasureville Ky
BTW. If you have fox suspension... Mountain Bike Suspension | FOX
Some details (but not as technical as I'd like) - Manuals | Giant Bicycles Official site
Yeah, that all helps. I've found the components OEMS are typically pretty good about documentation. Many bike manufacturers with Gaint leading the way here, seem to be uninterested in providing their customers with decent tech documents. Something as simple as a spare parts book would be supernice! I'm almost certain it's not an accident that the documents are hard to find. My guess is that Gaint wants the dealers to handle the service, and while that may work for some areas... I live in the sticks almost 50 miles from the nearest dealer.

I think the best we can do for now is to share what we figure out, here on the forums. I'm gonna try to share what works and what doesn't as I learn how to maintain this rig of mine. I break alot of stuff, not because I'm a beast, I am not. I tear things up mostly because I'm riding in new trails . When I see a deer trail, I ride it lol far as I can.
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