Devinci AC XT first ride review


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Jun 18, 2018
Been out all morning in my local hills, the Pentland's in Edinburgh. I have some good high speed descents that are around 1000ft of vertical that I ride most weekends.

So, first thoughts are:

1. Love the slack geometry, feels like a DH bike.
2. The Fox Factory suspension is a huge step up from previous bike (Lapierre SX800 Overvolt), last time I had suspension I liked this much was on Kona Coiler Superduluxe that had springs front and back. It's simply awesome suspension and reminds of my Moto. Better than expected and shows that getting good suspension is key to bike handling.
3. Bike is quiet, no rattles or squeeks
4. Like the Steps motor, not a huge fan of the Brose due to the lag. I am used to a Yam motor so the Steps feels familiar.
5. The suspension and geometry allow very fast descending, top speed was 52.5kph and I was well over 40kph for all of the descents. Bike was planted , smooth and quiet all the way down.
6. Love the fat 2.8" Maxiss Minion DHF/DHR, grip is excellent both up and down.
7. Shimano Zee brakes seem good, they stop the bike ok so must be good haha.

The spec on the bike, for the money must be one of the best 'value' eMTBS out there. £4.7k is still eye watering but compared to the recent Levo pricing it is a bargain. Sorry Levo owners ;)

I seriously considered the Kenevo, I like the bike and it rides well but price of second battery, and the far superior spec of the Devinci made it an easy decision. The Geometry and sizing of the Devinci is better for me, the Large in Devinci has the almost same reach as Kenovo XL with a lower standover height and slacker Geo.

My goal was to get an eMTB that felt as close as possible to my Moto Enduro bike, think I have got that :)
Jul 11, 2018
Vancouver, BC
Devinci AC/XT
Hello from a fellow AC/XT owner in Vancouver Canada. I am pretty impressed with it as well, and really love the 2.8's, but Man.........slice one of those open and have to buy a new one? Damn pricey tires, but so good I swallowed the replacement price.

Watch the synchronization between the display and the battery, I had a problem where the display would show 0 bars and the battery showed 2
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May 12, 2019
One of the best, better then the Kenevo
I just add 1' angleset on the 2019 model, now it's even better

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