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Jun 11, 2018
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Product name: Datatag Cycle Security System
Price paid: £24.95
Score (out of 10): 10

Review: With all of the stories of bikes being nicked I thought it was time to sort out some security on mine. I have them insured and locked up but that doesn’t seem stop scumbag thieves.

I had Datatag security on my MX bikes and Quads and more than anything it acts as a deterrent. So this is a review of their cycle system.

It took me less than 10 minutes to install. It comes with UV stencils, Tamperproof Sticker and Microdots. I did the UV stencils first. Make sure the frame is clean and they go on easy. Use the wipe provided to remove any gunk once the stencil has been removed. Completely invisible unless under a UV light. The tamperproof sticker is easy to put on and I put mine on the top tube as I want potential thieves to see it has been Datatagged. The Datadots in my opinion are not the best security measure as if components are sold on, who and how would you check? plus power-washing the bike may remove some of them. However I put them on my key components as it only takes a few minutes.

Once done, you have to register your kit with Datatag. This, I think is the best bit. It's like a V5 for a car and you register your bike frame details against your Datatag number. You then receive the Registered Keeper Certificate by email. This can be transferred to a new keeper when you sell the bike. It means buying a second hand bike that is Datatagged is a lot safer.

It would be good if dealers could offer this service when buying a new bike as the more people with registered bikes means it’s harder for thieves to shift them. At £25 and potentially cheaper insurance it seems a no brainer.

I only wish the cycle kit had the GPS tracker that comes with the more expensive kits so if my bike gets stolen I can visit the culprits personally and politely ask for my bike back!
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May 29, 2018
I brought the Datatag kit for mine too which I'm fitting this week. It's possibly one of the best deterants of theft apart from a mahoosive lock and chain wrapped around everything.

I also had a Datatag alarm system on one of my old motorbikes which had the transponder capsule fitted into the wiring harness. The transponder capsule could be an option for ebikes if they allowed the fitting of the motorbike kit to pushbikes of any kind. Personally I'd like to see en ebike specific kit with included transponder.

Another option I've been looking into is using an old phone or maybe even a cheapish smart watch enabled with gps to link up to my google account in order to locate it with using the Find My Device app on Android. It seems to be a simple process and relativly cheap to maintain if the worst were to happen and some little scumbag got their grubby hands on my bike. There's plenty of clips on youtube showing this method and i understand it can be done with iphones too.
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