CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC Actionteam

cousin jack

Oct 30, 2019
hi. thinking of upgrading to the CUBE Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC Actionteam .
Would appreciate what any current owners think of this model and is it worth the extra £800 over the Trail Motion?
Also, what sort of range are people getting from the 625wh battery and the new bosch gen 4 motor.
Please include any faults/problems with the bike.


Sep 17, 2018
Cube HT
I have had mine for about 18 months or so, not sure about if its worth x amount, if you can afford it and you want the upgrades then it's worth it... I know that I don't really push the bike more than about 60% of its capabilities, but I could afford it and would rather have more than I need.
Ultimately it is up to you if its worth it.

Issues with the bike? None. I get around 15-18 miles of range with a mixture of all terrains and elevations, 5 riding to the woods on the road and some dirt track about 10 or so with elevation in the woods, then 5 miles home. Mixture of all modes, the rides probably last around 2-3 hours total, maybe 15 mins break to eat/drink.

Can't wait for the weather, not getting out anywhere near as much as I want to, had to buy an indoor stationary bike, just to satisfy my legs, lol.


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Apr 7, 2019
Cube 140 Action Team
I bought the 140 Action Team last week and previously I made a couple of threads discussing it here:
Also do a forum search for "action team" in case anything else has been posted.

I went for my first big ride yesterday and despite the setup issues I had (fault of the shop not the bike) it was great fun for the most part and the range of the Powertube 625 is pretty damn good. I did 76KM (47 miles) cross-country (mix up uphill, downhill and some light trails) and still had just less than 25% battery left when I got home! The trick is to really switch between the various power modes as and when you need them... on flats or downhill I used Eco mode and then up reasonable hills I use tour mode and then up steep hills I used EMTB mode. Sometimes on long downhills I even turned the motor off. That is crazy good range in my eyes and It has certainly made me rethink buying a spare battery for a while.

The motor is a great performer... not silent but not too loud and provides plenty of power no matter the terrain. You can dial in as much assistance as you need and in Eco mode it's similar to riding a normal mountain bike... a lot of hard work and after this ride my legs were destroyed. Without a motor I would not have managed the ride and would have walked up a lot of the steeper stuff which would have been no fun and that's exactly why I bought an EMTB.

The specs of the bike (Fox Factory suspension and dropper, Shimano XT brakes and drivetrain, are pretty much unbeatable in its price range, performed great and 140mm is enough for me as an all-round performer on cross country and trails. The 29er wheels also provide better rolling performance, are agile enough turning corners and make for a smooth and pleasant ride.

I attached a couple of screenshots of the route I took including elevation but didn't take a photo of my remaining 25% battery but I am an honest guy and made a point of checking regularly so you'll just have to take my word for it. :)

In the end it's an amazing bike and should be for the money. The components are all top-spec and should be good for years if well maintained... plus the Gen4 Bosch motor is cutting-edge and the new 625w battery is a trooper. Now is a good time to buy and I can't see the prices being as reasonable for a similar spec next year.


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