Bash guard for a Stance-E

Jan 11, 2020
2020 Giant Stance-E
New to the Forum. Just bought my first EMTB, a 2020 Stance-E. I looked at the Trance but it semed to be more bike than I needed for the XC trails I do. However in my first 2 km of trail with the Stance, going over a log, I managed to crack the plastic guard that is under the motor. I have JB Weld'ed it back together and reinforced it with a strip of ABS plastic. But I really would like to have something more impact resistant. I contacted Rockguardz who don't have anything for the Stance but think their guard for the Trance would fit. Any other remedies? The Yamaha motor does really stick out both in front and below the chainring and will likely take many more hits in the future. Thanks.

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