E*POWAH Master
Apr 10, 2018
The Scott Genius eRide is a good looking bike. It looks like the other emtbs on the market in a lot of ways. But there are some differences.

Different cockpit

Scott is known for their Twinlock suspension lock-out system. There is a lever on the handlebars for firming up or locking out the front and rear suspension simultaneously. The lever sits under the handlebar at the left hand side. On many other bikes, this is where you will find the dropper post lever. The seat post lever sits on the right side, on top of the handlebars. We pressed the wrong lever repeatedly during our time with the bike, but one will get used to it.

Do you really need firming or locking out the suspension on an emtb? Well, why not? We know some people really like the Twinlock. So we think it’s a good thing having...
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Mar 25, 2020
Asheville, NC, USA
Scott Genius 920 E
I own a 2020 E-Genius 920. All I can say is that I'm not sure what is going on with their speccing. In the US it is even worse. Their lineup literally makes no sense. Their lowest priced model, the 930, is the only one with the geometry adjust (travel limiting) rear shock. The 920 is the same as here but with 520 brakes instead of the 420. The 900 uses a carbon front triangle but all the same components from the 930 *except* the geometry adjust rear shock. It is also heavier than the 920.
The 910 (which is more expensive than the 900) which actually upgrades the components in a logical way and adds the geometry adjust shock is unavailable, as is the 900 tuned.
I like my 920. More so that I have replaced the crank arms (the oem were 180s simply drilled at 165 so they whacked everything), saddle, mounted a Wolf Tooth dropper post lever under the twin lock, and changed to Magura mt7 brakes with 220 rotors. I just don't get what the product managers are thinking at Scott. It's really like they don't want to sell ebikes at all on this continent.