Review 2021 Eshion TDA30L - Bafang M500 / M600


Mar 28, 2021
Eshion TDA30L M500

Manufacturer: Eshion
Model: TDA30L
Model Year: 2021
Price Paid: ~2500 USD
New/Used: Brand New
Engine: Bafang M500
Tyres: 27.5" x 2.8
Suspension front: RST TITAN 150mm
Suspension rear: EXA A5-RR1
Mass: 28kg
Battery: 840Wh
Voltage: 48V
Power: 250W rated (720W peak)
Rear derailleur: Deore 10 speed
Brakes: Tektro hydraulic disc
Frame material: Alumunium
Score (out of 10):
10 - value per money, of course there are surely better bikes with two or third higher prices and carbon frame.

Hello, i would like to share the photos and opinion about Eshion TDA30L. Its Chineese company ebike with 17.5Ah 48V (840Wh) Bafang M500 / M600 engine (depend what you pick and what is legal for you - i have picked the M500).
Front fork RST Titan 150mm, rear one EXA A5-RR1, mass 28kg - alu frame, rear derailleur Deore 10s and 2.8 wide 27.5 tyre, tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

The bike may be configured in factory for your preferentions, i am just describing mine version.

The M500 is 250W engine (720W in peak on latest firmware), its keeping 25km/h without any problem and assistance with torque sensor works perfect. After speed limit removal it can keep 40km/h on assistance or throttle with range (100% support or throttle) around 60km.

Suspension works pretty well, riding position is fine, i have only changed the factory bridge to short "dart moor". In overall bike have good quality, its properly mounted etc.

I think its nice alternative to expensive brands, the full price with delivery, customs and taxes (may vary of configuration of course) is around 2500 usd.


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