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  1. AlexEMTB

    2022+ Turbo Levo LEVO NEW Colorways

    Does anyone know when new Levo colorways will drop? It's almost a year to the day when the gen 3 was released so I would think it's very soon.
  2. AlexEMTB

    Kenevo SL Range Extender

    Has anyone had difficulty locking the range extender? I know it's supposed to go clock wise but that doesn't work. Thanks!
  3. AlexEMTB

    Levo SL Levo SL Cable Music

    I'm having loud cable knocking sounds in the frame. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, did you remedy it?
  4. AlexEMTB

    Levo SL SL NEW Software Update

    Just got the latest software update at my dealer. Has anyone ridden it yet and noticed a difference?
  5. AlexEMTB

    Levo SL Butcher 2.6

    Happy Friday! I'm considering changing my front tire to a Butcher 2.6. Has anyone tried this? I find the 2.3 always feels like it's going to wash out at speed. It's also interesting that the 2021 Levo is now 2.6 F/2.3R.
  6. AlexEMTB

    Levo SL S-WORKS tires

    Has anyone upgraded their tires to the S-WORKS Fast Trak or Renegade? This choice saves 1.3 lbs on a set but at what cost for sidewall protection?
  7. AlexEMTB

    Levo SL LEVO SL chain

    Does anyone know the typical life span of the chain? I've done 900 miles and thinking the time to change might be near.
  8. AlexEMTB


    Does anyone think or know if one is in the 'works'?
  9. AlexEMTB

    Levo SL Hey Rob, Here's the new Levo SL ride...

    Rob, thanks again for your excellent video. It really informed me about what the new SL is all about and I just couldn't resist the S-WORKS!