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  1. carlbiker

    Review Magicshine Monteer 8000 vs Exposure Sixpack Sync MK2 at Ladybower Potato Alley etc) on Orbea Rise

    Product Image: Product name: Magicshine Monteer 8000 vs Exposure Sixpack Sync MK2 at Ladybower Potato Alley etc) on Orbea Rise Price paid: 489 Score (out of 10): 8 Review: Magicshine Monteer 8000 vs Exposure Sixpack Sync MK2 at Ladybower Potato Alley etc) on Orbea Rise Not really trying to...
  2. carlbiker

    Magicshine vs Exposure

    Two decent brands, exposure has the battery integral which I like, magicshine needs a separate bank…. Exposure MaXx-D MK13 Front Light | Tredz Bikes £350 not cheap but for the 2500 lumens it does, EDIT just found it for £285 Magicshine 8000 - £220 on aliexpress, the best in class according...
  3. carlbiker

    Orbea Rise adjustable geometry 64-65.5?

    So yesterday I saw this on a Kenevo SL advert and the more I looked into the bike the more I loved other than the poxy motor ofc: ‘The Turbo Kenevo Super Light geometry can be fine-tuned for wherever and however you ride. Six distinct geometry settings allow easy adjustment to hone performance...
  4. carlbiker

    Sold 2021 Orbea Wild L: 3449

    Bike / Product Year: 2021 Manufacturer: Orbea Model: Wild Size L Asking Price: 3449 Location Leeds Description Bought last year for £4300 from cycle gear in Halifax and been a great bike, super quick trail / enduro ebike, better geometry than Cubes etc. XT spec and recently it’s had a...
  5. carlbiker

    Review 5.10 Trailcross GTX (Goretex)

    Product name: 5.10 Trailcross GTX (Goretex) Price paid: 150 Score (out of 10): 9 First thoughts are ‘wait did adidas just make an awesome 5.10???’ The original mid version I owned had d30 pads in but after my ‘don’t put in the washer’ test the pads fell out and I sent it back for a refund from...
  6. carlbiker

    Orbea Rise to coil or not to coil?

    New MTEAM rise is inbound and after watching a few videos it seems coils would suit my style of riding more than air, air being better for a more responsive and eventful ride if you’re a bunny rabbit, like to do big drops vs being more planted and having more traction. mine comes with the dpx2...
  7. carlbiker

    Torque settings?

    Anyone know the torque settings for the pedals and the crank? if it’s like 40nm what are people actually using as it seems every mtb wrench only goes to 24nm
  8. carlbiker

    Augmented reality trail apps?

    I’m starting to plan some decent rides soon around the lakes but want to scope them out first (so I don’t get hit with unexpected OTB stuff!). Before viewfinder was taken over by outdooractive it had an AR function like a google earth for trails you could walk through but doesn’t seem to...
  9. carlbiker

    Kiox and iphone 11 mounts?

    Kiox and mobile mounts, which are the best? I’ve some crappy bar one I got off ebay for £20 which has ended up scratching my carbon bars because it wouldn’t fit on the fatter part and my Rockform bar phone holder let the phone come off once, luckily a friend found it!!! I’d like to try...
  10. carlbiker

    Best storage solution for tools/water recommendation

    Hey guys, Just trying to work out the best way to carry tools, water etc. Should we focus more on weighting the rider or the bike, perhaps rider since the bike is easier to handle? I’d seen items like: Lezyne Flow Storage Bottle Cage HYSENM Waterproof Large Capacity Bicycle Triangle Bag...
  11. carlbiker

    Choices choices Orbea Rise MTEAM or M10

    So I went to test an XL earlier and it fit me much better than a L other than the dropper which I’ll have to switch to 150 or less but the LBS are offering up some interesting 4yr interest free options, basically it’s £25/month difference to get the MTEAM over the M10 which has me wondering if...
  12. carlbiker

    Warranties on second hand bikes?

    Kind of thinking to buy an Orbea Rise M10 and have seen some second hand models around 6k unregistered, this saves £1k loss in future, happy days but if the seller can’t get the shop to register the bike I’m the new owners name then when it comes to issues, normally the lbs has to diagnose the...
  13. carlbiker

    Magura MT7 MDR-P on center lock?

    I’ve upgraded the front stock to MDR-C which is center lock and the difference is pretty clear to me already enough to want the MDR-P but it’s not Center lock... my question is has anyone managed to fit one of the P discs to a centerlock and if so how? The advice is not to use Center lock...
  14. carlbiker

    GR9 is there a similar waterproof shoe that’s better for hiking?

    Love this shoe, don’t washer it though, I don’t learn and knackered the laces up, I also washered trail cross mids before and the d30 popped out! basically, I’ve had the bike on my shoulders hiking steeply up slippy mud, the shoes as I suspected aren’t good for digging in! I tried a few but...
  15. carlbiker

    Difference between trail bikes and enduro geometry
  16. carlbiker

    Trail vs Enduro geometry differences explained

    Found this blog, thought might be worth reading for anyone trying to work out the right bike for them
  17. carlbiker

    Which for steep techy dh between SL or Rise?

    My wild is a tank, doesn’t turn or modulate well dh and has a sharp pendulum shift, I know as I’ve tried some non ebikes and the contrast is stark! I did also test a cube actionteam with 27.5 wheels and that was way more agile and modulated better (Saints) and my wild has Mt7 which I’ll port to...
  18. carlbiker


    So looking to find a nice combo that can handle wet off piste stuff....I’ve ruled out E-wild and Eddie’s and seen wtb verdict (maybe wet) and Vittoria e mazza (although non emtb motta look better) anyone tested these before? maybe I’ll try 2.4 this time instead of 2.6
  19. carlbiker

    Orbea Wild HS30 torque settings

    So bought a wrench and up for tightening everything correctly but can’t find any actual torque settings for the bike, this normal or do we just make it up on a ‘feels reet’ basis which I’m trying to avoid?