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    Magura MT7 front brake noise

    Hi can anyone throw any light on the problem with a graunching noise from the front brake on my 2021 Cube Sterio TM160. The noise is not always there & can be cured by flicking the front brake lever a few times, the noise is there from start of ride right through to the end of ride. I have...
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    Cube Stereo Hybrid HPC Team 625, 140 or 160

    Hey guys I could do with a little help here, I cant decide on which model of the Cube Stereo HPC Team to purchase, the 140 or 160. I will not be using for major jumps or too severe downhill terrain, but regular Climbing on fire roads & moderate downhill trails through forestry. The main thing...
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    Trek Bontrager rear bearing failure boost 148 hub

    Hi, I have just discovered that the rear hub bearings have failed on my 4 month old Trek Powerfly 5, the bike has only done 500 miles. I have discovered several cases of this on several forums. My question is can I upgrade the rear hubs, rather than replace with original set.
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    Bosch motor upgrade to 85nm

    Hi Can anyone help regarding my question as to whether or not the motor on my 2020 Trek Powerfly 5 purchased in April this year is able to have the 85nm update. Cheers.
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    Trek Powerfly 5 dropper seat post

    Hi can anyone shed some light on what length travel dropper seat post I should be fitting to my 2020 Trek Powerfly 5 size medium frame. I am sure that the post diameter is 31.6mm, however I am unsure what the dropper travel should be 100/150/170mm. Has anybody fitted one of these themselves...
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    Hello from South Wales

    Hi Hello from the Rhondda in South Wales, I have recently returned to the Mtb scene following the last 6 years of riding a series of hybrids along country roads in the West Wales area during the summer months. The last Mtb was a Cube ltd pro H/T which was purchased in 2011 & sold in 2015. The...