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  1. stiv674

    Spare battery...

    Has anyone bought a spare battery for their bike? I'm currently looking into it, there's a triangular bracket on the non connection end, plus some stick on pads, I presume these are Whyte specific parts and wondered if they were available anywhere? I have emailed Whyte but no response as yet...
  2. stiv674

    For Sale (BIKE) 2021 TrailwattsUK Focus Shimano range extender 250wh: £230.00 ono

    Bike / Product Year: 2021 Manufacturer: TrailwattsUK Model: Focus Shimano range extender Size 250wh Asking Price: £230.00 ono Location Wiltshire Description Due to selling my Focus because of potential motor issues I'm now selling my Trailwatts range extender. Purchased in May this year...
  3. stiv674

    New motor or not...

    Just had confirmed what I thought anyway that my Focus needs a new motor. My dilemma is this, I was hoping to sell it soon anyway, so do I leave as is and sell it cheap to reflect that it needs a new motor, pay £950 to have a new motor fitted and then sell with two year warranty on the motor...
  4. stiv674

    Sold 2018 Jam2 Factory - open to offers - Please read description

    Bike / Product Year: 2018 Manufacturer: Focus Model: Jam2 Factory Size Medium Asking Price: £??? Location Wiltshire Description Focus Jam2 Factory 2018 medium. Bought in January 2019, still on original motor which has done 3204 miles, seems the motor is on its way out. It still seems to work...
  5. stiv674

    T.E.C mounting rail screws

    I've removed the long metal rail that the TEC battery slides on to, I can't remember if there were any screws or blanks in the two fixing holes before fitting originally... ? Can anyone confirm either way, thanks. T.E.C Pack for sale in classifieds if anyone is interested.
  6. stiv674

    2019 Focus T.E.C Pack - No longer for sale.

    Bike / Product Year: 2019 Manufacturer: Focus Model: T.E.C Pack Size Asking Price: £275.00 Location Wiltshire Description Focus T.E.C pack for sale. Not sure how many charge cycles it has had, I'd guess around 50 to 60. It provides slightly more range than the bikes internal battery which has...
  7. stiv674

    Sold 2019 Specialized Gen 1 battery (choice of two): £330 to £380

    Bike / Product Year: 2019 Manufacturer: Specialized Model: Gen 1 battery (choice of two) Asking Price: £330 to £380 Location Wiltshire Description I'm selling one of two Specialized Gen 1 battery's. 400wh - £330.00 504wh - £380.00 Collection only or I can meet within about half hour of...
  8. stiv674

    Sold 2019 Specialized Levo HT: £1750.00

    Bike / Product Year: 2019 Manufacturer: Specialized Model: Levo HT Asking Price: £1750.00 Location Wiltshire Size Medium Description Selling my Levo HT as I only really used it on roads, I've now got a gravel bike. Raising funds to upgrade my Focus :D It's done 1955 miles, mostly on the road...
  9. stiv674

    Fitting new hub

    Well after much searching I can't find a new axle for my current hub, I'm now considering fitting a new hub myself, how hard can it be... :unsure: Current hub uses straight pull spokes, so assuming I get the same as a replacement including spoke count etc, can I reuse the existing spokes?
  10. stiv674

    New wheel required??

    My free hub body decided to part ways with the wheel today, photo below... Does this mean a new wheel is required? ?
  11. stiv674

    Freehub issue

    My Raceface freehub was playing up badly on Saturday so I took it apart today hoping that a quick clean was all that was required, it was full of gunk and unfortunately two of the (ridiculously tiny) pawl springs were broke so it is now beyond repair. The Raceface replacement is £109, does...
  12. stiv674

    Winter riding

    So with summer all but over, what do you seasoned riders do when the days get shorter and muddier? Still go out whatever the weather? This is the first year that I've been cycling regularly and with my fitness improving I don't want that to slip. Any recommendations for decent waterproof kit?
  13. stiv674

    Focus tec extender

    Hi, any update on the possibility of a tec compatible extender? :unsure: Thanks.
  14. stiv674

    Gears, gears, gears...

    This has more than likely been discussed before but any advice for a 10/11 speed 11-42t gear set? I currently have the Sram EX1 8 speed (11-48t) on my Focus, initially it didn't bother me too much but now I'm finding the large gaps between gears frustrating, keeping a consistent cadence is...
  15. stiv674

    Swinley Forest

    Where is everyone?? :unsure: First time here today, only seen one other emtb apart from us two... :confused:
  16. stiv674

    Dropper post lever

    Has anyone changed their dropper post lever to an under bar one and if so which one have you fitted? I find the standard one on my jam2 a faff to use a lot of the time.
  17. stiv674

    Assist level, technical question...

    Mate and I cycled 43 miles today, both on Levo hardtails, we're similar in terms of fitness. When we got back I had used 480Wh and he had used 445Wh but his average assist was 338% and mine was 237%, this doesn't make sense to me, unless I'm missing something... :unsure: Any idea why using...
  18. stiv674

    Mission control logging me out...

    As the title suggests, the mission control app keeps logging me out for some reason, anyone else had this issue? It's usually after I haven't used it for a few days, I also have to change the unit system again :unsure: Thanks
  19. stiv674

    Answered Fox shock service in Wiltshire area.

    I've got an issue with the Fox rear shock on my Focus Jam2, ideally I'd take it back to the shop I bought it from but as it was from JE James it's not very convenient. They said I could have it looked at locally but would probably get charged labour. Any recommendations on where to take it in...
  20. stiv674


    Has anyone got this app and successfully connected it to their bike?