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    Honest question - what do you think it’s worth.

    Only just😀 I wonder if the second owner would get any joy from Bosch if the motor or battery went within the first 2 years?
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    Honest question - what do you think it’s worth.

    Trek only transfer a 3 year frame warranty instead of the lifetime for the original owner.
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    Replacement for Kenevo

    Mate of mine has the same bike/problem as you with the battery. He bought one of those battery extenders which fits in the water bottle, works really well apart from the added weight😀
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    VIDEO: Kellys Theos: Built By Robots, Claimed 2x Stronger

    I was hoping there would be a mention of that under hanging linkage.
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    Best EMTB fork?.

    I swap between Lyrik and Zeb but can’t decide which I prefer. The Lyrik is awesome and the bike is more agile, the zeb just plows through everything and hardly gets deflected. I have a lot less scary moments with the Zeb but the Lyrik makes the bike more fun. First world problem😀 Best fork ive...
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    Best Emtb Wheelset?.

    I have blue flow carbon wheels, can’t recommend them enough. Made a big difference to the feel of the bike. I ride Peak District , Calderdale, Yorkshire , Lakes etc, have the line choice of a blind hippo and they still run perfectly true.
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    Request: If you have a TTX22 shock

    As Shjay says, that’s exactly what is supposed to happen to that part.
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    Anyone heard of a Fantec eMTB?

    It was great to ride in all terrain and very reliable. His was a 160 race, i rode it a few times and also demo‘d a 180. I nearly bought it but was swayed bŷ a Levo, which didn’t end well😀
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    Anyone heard of a Fantec eMTB?

    A friend of mine had one, great bike.
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    Fork Oil Level

    Aaah so any remaining oil would drain out through the bolt holes you think? Haven’t had time to do anything with them yet but it would be nice if I could just drain and refill through the bolt hole. They are lyric ultimates so good as they are😄
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    Fork Oil Level

    Cheers for the reply. They are a spare set, might just pull the lowers just to put my mind at rest.
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    Fork Oil Level

    I gave my spare Lyriks a lower leg service a few weeks ago and left them stood on a bit of floorboard in storage. I noticed the other day a stain under one of the legs as though oil may have leaked out of the bottom bolt. I can’t be sure though if the stain was already in the wood. Is it...
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    Stolen Cube Found

    Thought I’d share this.
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    Warranty motor replacement?

    Will depend on make, dealer, supply etc etc. I’ve had Brose swapped in a day and 2 weeks, same with Bosch.
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    2020 or 2021 trek rail 9.7 whats it worth

    Have a look on eBay completed listing, should give you an idea.
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    Neeko DeVinchi on EMTB FORUMS

    Surely that's a spoof?😂
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    Zeb Service Question

    Tftuned told me why it's done but i've forgot😀
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    Zeb Service Question

    Yeah that's where i had seen to add the 3ml(y) Spoke to TFtuned too now and they confirm go with the manual.
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    Zeb Service Question

    Just swapped my airshaft in my Zeb and have noticed in most guides (Including Rob's:))nobody adds 3ml oil through the top of the air side but in the official sram manual it specs this. Common sense says go with the manual but thought i would check:)
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    Spinning the cassette backwards by to? I Use one of these, easier to find then an Allen key too😀