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  1. levity

    Military E-Bikes - the new reality

    Why did I think of Bambam when I came across this?
  2. levity

    Trials-type riding on E-bikes with Hans Rey and Rob Warner
  3. levity

    Video: Paul Aston Goes e-Bikepacking (a short, fun Nicolai advert)

    nice work by Gabriele Canu
  4. levity

    Trailforks Introduces Paid Mobile App Option

    The Trailforks mobile app will soon require a paid "option" in order to continue use of its full features The annual cost will be $36, but those who sign up by Sept. 30 will get a 50% lifetime discount. Access to maps and trial info on the website will remain free as will a 60km square centered...
  5. levity

    Levo SL Levo SL “6-Fatties” (his and hers)

    Her Small Comp Carbon… His Large Comp Carbon… We converted our SLs from 29ers to 6-Fatties. Winter/Spring is desert riding time here in SoCal, and we like to run 3.0 tires for floatation in sandy conditions. Because 29x3 tires don’t fit in the back we usually run a 27.5x3 rear tire and...
  6. levity

    Winter riding in the SoCal desert

    It’s been raining here in southern California (I know, hard to believe!) and most local trails are closed due to muddy conditions. Mrs levity and I headed to Anza Borrego Desert State Park in search of dryer ground. Rain is a good thing in the dez, turning what can be impassable sand into “hero...
  7. levity

    Archeologists reconstruct Scottish man

    Not much has changed in the last six centuries ;) Anyone recognize a relative?
  8. levity

    Nobel Committee gets it right

    The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino for their research in improving battery technology. The trio will share the prize for their work on "the development of lithium ion batteries," according to the Nobel committee...
  9. levity

    Agazinni SEM Adventure

    This gives me ventricular fibrillation in addition to A-Fib: Caratteristiche SEM Adventure ebike maybe Italian members can add details/corrections, but i get 130Nm power with a 900Wh battery chain drive pedal assist, belt drive throttle 37mph assisted speed limit 200mm travel a little porky...
  10. levity

    another SoCal rider on board

    Greetings! Just getting into the pedal-assist groove. Picked up a Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Carbon in Dec. ‘17 to complement my “acoustic” Stumpy 6Fattie/29er. I’m finding it especially nice to have electronic boost on long sandy rides in the desert. Here’s yours truly riding down Borrego...