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    Zeb Service Question

    Just swapped my airshaft in my Zeb and have noticed in most guides (Including Rob's:))nobody adds 3ml oil through the top of the air side but in the official sram manual it specs this. Common sense says go with the manual but thought i would check:)
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    Emtb Lite v Tour +

    Anyone tried both of these, how do they compare? I’m currently running Trek’s Emtb Lite.
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    Super Deluxe Ultimate Token

    Anyone know how many tokens the thru shaft ultimate shock comes with as standard?
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    Fork Pressure

    Just changed the travel on my Zeb's, followed Rob's excellent video. Like Rob i've dropped from 170 to 160, would my preferred psi at 170 work the same at 160. Obviously i'll find out when i ride it but just for initial setup i thought i'd check.
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    Super Deluxe Ultimate Thru Shaft

    Anyone running this shock and how are you finding it?
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    To those that fitted Zebs to their Rails did you go 160 or 170 and how are you finding them?
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    Rear disc magnet

    Just swapping wheels and forgot which way the magnet fits. The way pictured gives a decent clearance on the wheel spacer but doesn’t sit inside the disc recess. If I flip it, it fits perfect in the disc recess and looks like it is designed to be there but it sits very close to the wheel spacer.
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    Under the current crazy circumstance, what would be a reasonable time to wait for a warranty repair. My Rail has been with Trek now for 3 months, do I just have to suck it up?
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    Has anyone tried putting a 29 front end on a 150/160? Thinking of trying it on my 160rs
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    36T Chainring

    Anyone got a link for a 36T chainring to fit a 160rs and in stock please?
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    Wheel Weights

    Was messing about today and weighed a couple of front wheels. 1. 27.5 fitted with assegai 2.5 exo+, tubeless with disc fitted. 2541g 2. 29 fitted with magic Mary super trail 2.6, tubeless with disc fitted 2529g. Im guessing in general a 29 wheel would usually be heavier so is my 29 lighter...
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    Looking for a chainring for my 2020 rail 9.8. I havn‘t picked up the tool to remove it yet so can’t find out the exact model I need, I believe it’s written on the back? It’s a sram one.
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    Has anyone swapped their wheels or weighed the standard wheels? Was looking at Blueflow wheels and this is on their website, seems a huge weight loss. “For comparrison, the standard 27.5 wheelset on one of our customers £5100 Whyte E-160 S weighed his wheels at 3100g, compared to the same...
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    Bosch Powertube 750

    Has anyone any info on the new Bosch powertube 750 coming out eg price, backwards compatibility etc? I've seen a couple of people mention it and it's now listed by Mondraker in the specs of one of their upcoming models...
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    Raymon Bikes

    This looks great and good value for money, well before any uk import stuff. 5599 euro
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    155 cranks

    Bought some 155mm cranks for my 160rs, do I need to get a setting changed in the motor? I seem to remember on the gen 3 Bosch you had to?
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    Mullet on a Bosch gen4

    Just in the process of mulletting my Rail, will i need to take it in for a change of the wheel circumference? Is it even possible on the Gen 4?
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    Jacket Repair

    Caught the sleeve of my Fox Ranger waterproof jacket on some barbed wire and put a little hole in it. Anyone suggest the best product to fix it please?
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    Tow Bar

    I have a buzzrack e scorpion 2 towbar rack and in the next couple of weeks will be getting a towbar fitted to the car. Is there any particular one that is better for a bike rack ie swanneck, flange type etc? The car has parking sensors and will never tow anything it purely for the bike rack.
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    510 error

    Anyone else had the 510 error on a Rail? Mine did it at weekend, when you turned it on it just flashed up 510 then turned itself off. Currently back at Trek?