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  1. Brose just unveiled its newest electric bicycle drive system

    Brose unveils all new whisper-quiet electric bicycle drive and battery system - Electrek
  2. Another 2020 bike - Bianchi T-Tronik Performer

    Fully story Bianchi T-Tronik Performer launched with custom 630Wh battery
  3. Not sure I like this new Orange?

    Looks like the same old Orange over welded design, wouldn’t get on my short list. First ride review: we test the super charged Orange Charger Factory!
  4. Yearly mileage approaching 60

    It’s quite interesting if you look at ebike milage in middle age, my mtb milage decreased due to disc injury but with the aid of my Jam2 I’m on target to smash all yearly records even with time off the bike recovering, without it my fitness and overall health could have been decreasing.
  5. new Shimano BT-E8035 integrated batter

    New release story New Shimano BT-E8035 integrated battery is set to reshape e-Bike design!
  6. Heim-Bilt concept e-bike offers regenerative braking, self-charging spin bike ability

    Heim-Bilt concept e-bike offers regenerative braking, self-charging spin bike ability - Bikerumor
  7. Interesting read on range, power, temps etc on the Focus site.

  8. Rays indoor bike park

    Looks interesting for training
  9. I gusss ‘this would still be the case, he picked the Jam2

    Battle of the e-MTBs: Focus Jam2 VS Specialized Turbo Levo - Singletrack Magazine
  10. Watch the seat clamp screw

    My bike had a bit of a creak and while investigating the seat post screw snapped despite being torqued, might be worth a check of your bikes it looks like a cheapo one.
  11. Anyone know this guy?

    Electric bike bandit makes off with $8,000 from Newport Beach bank
  12. New Sam review non ebike

    Not a new ebike version but a good read. Review | The 2019 Focus SAM 9.9 delivers a few surprises for a 170mm travel enduro bike - Singletrack Magazine
  13. Anyone changed brakes?

    My bike came with the 2 pot Deore brakes and I’ve decided to treat it to some Hope Tech 3 E4s. Anyone done a rear brake change and did you have to remove the motor or did you manage to feed the the line through?
  14. Took the TEC pack out for a ride.

    Its not been used for a while, so it deserved a discharge, all done in Trail mode. Down to the last red bar.
  15. I like the look of this Nicolai’s EBOXX E14

    Nicolai release 14 speed EBOXX E14 - EMTB Forums
  16. So I tried German Jam2 against the American Levo mud test

    As you you expect from a Peak District muddy day under the non sealed bash guard is pretty muddy so it may be worth getting the bike upside down, wheel off and giving it a clean now and then. Nothing in the Down tube and all cables are out of the way and well sealed.
  17. The Focus picture thread and mods made

    Show off your bike and any modifications Upgraded to Yari fork, mudguards and 6000 gear change and 30 rise bars Also swapped the wheels for winter, Mavic ecrossmax 30mm with 2.5 Maxxis DHF front and rear.
  18. Olly Wilkins' Custom Focus SAM² | EMBN Pro E-Bike

    Nice look at his bike and setup.
  19. A Fun E-Day Out With Shimano Steps E8000, Turning Descents Into Climbs.

    A Fun E-Day Out With Shimano Steps E8000, Turning Descents Into Climbs. - Singletrack Magazine Sorry no idea how it ends, couldn't watch past the first climb.
  20. Good read for the Levo guys

    Unfinished Business: One Mountain, Three Ways - Singletrack Magazine