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  1. lmartins

    Beware about orders

    I've placed an order on this site early in the week and have been since trying to contact them without any luck. This morning site was down, which prompted me to proceed with PayPal dispute. I have been burnt before. As soon as I've opened the dispute, within one hour, I get a reply from the...
  2. lmartins

    Are e-bikes ruining mountain biking?

    This was the topic on conversation on a Podcast that I listen regularly and enjoy. Catching up on old episodes I found this one that approached the topic in the title of this posts. MTB Podcast – Episode 10 – Dirt bike in sheep's clothing - MTB Podcast Kinda disappointed with their views on the...
  3. lmartins

    Spectral:ON and eBike first ride and impressions

    It finally happened! After the battery charger fiasco I could finally take my bike to the trails in what was not only my ride on this bike, but my first ride on a ebike in general. Coming from a ultra light Specialized Epic, this was quite a departure. You can feel the bike weight all the time...
  4. lmartins

    Connecting remote and motor to display SHIMANO SC-E8000

    Hi, my Canyon Spectral came with the wires from the remote to display and motor to display both disconnecting. I have two ports open on the display, but can see any markings on the display about which cable should go where. Can I connect either cable to any port or is there a specific order?
  5. lmartins

    Just got my Spectral:On 9.0 - NO CHARGER on the package

    I can't express how angry and frustrated I am with Canyon right now. I've waited 6 months for this bike, spent a lot of money on it, and today I got the package. NO CHARGER ON THE PACKAGE! And to top it all, customer service says no biggie, we'll get a charger to you in 3 weeks.
  6. lmartins

    Hello from Portugal!

    Hello everyone! I'm Luis from Portugal, and like many on this forums I'm waiting for a Turbo Levo Comp to arrive. I've just started cycling this year, and have been steadily increasing my weekly mileage to about 50 miles at this point. With the Levo, I'm hoping to extend that further, while...