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    Bosch gen4 motor cap came off... should I be worried? - pictured

    Went on my Haibike Hardseven 8.5. It’s missing its logo cap:
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    Bike finally arrived... not sure if a 625 Wah Bosch battery fits

    Here is the inside of the battery compartment that holds the 500 Wah:
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    Ebike imports U.K. from the E.U.

    From an in stock order, that was sent after Brexit happened, how long has the order taken to come to you from the E.U.?
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    Studded tyres... any good on roads?

    Thinking how icy it gets, and don’t want to wash out on roads. I know they are good in snowy conditions and on actual ice. If I were to guess, I would say no because there is less contact to the road with the grip of the tyre, and the studs can’t bed into the road like it can on ice.
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    Unanswered Best E-bike saddle?

    Looking to try something new. I know there are Ebike specific ones, but unsure which to choose. I know of Ergon, but that’s it.
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    Most expensive bike I have ever seen! WHY?
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    How long should my dropper post be?

    OneUp v2 is the one a I am getting. What info does anyone need like measurements, for example I am 178cm tall. Either the 150, 180 or the 210mm options.
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    Modular Rail System for Bosch bikes - more info please

    A few questions: What bikes can have this installed? Have searched with no results. With these bikes, can you install it yourself without voiding the warranty? If not, how much is it typically to install? I am asking about this because as I understand it, not including cost of parts, looking...
  9. S no longer deliver to the U.K. - part needed from them

    Can I sort out with someone willing to buy from there for me from the E.U. and send it to my address? I need a Giant controller E1, E2 prime. Cost about 20 quid. Will pay the postage you need to send it.
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    Can I install a Bosch gen 4 625 Wah battery into a Bosch gen 4 500 Wah bike?

    Just want to swap over to the bigger battery.
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    Focus offer a battery upgrade with an integrated powerpack. Can I make my own?

    Let’s say I can buy a powerpack. What wiring would I need to do? Oh, I need to install the mount as well.
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    Can you get the second battery for a Focus Bosch bike separately somewhere?

    Looking to get that integrated Bosch powerpack 500 to extend the range.
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    Can I install a power tube Bosch battery on a bike with no lock?

    I have no idea. Plus, I would like to know what the difference is between a vertical or horizontal battery. The specifications I have looked at on certain bikes do not list whether they take either. Do I need one of these?
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    Bosch power tube vertical and horizontal differences?

    I assume some bikes have one or the other, yet I look at specifications and it isn’t listed.
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    MRS Range Extender Bosch

    I doubt anyone would part with one, but if you are, don’t forget about me!
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    Transferable warranty?

    All I get from the Cube website is, “End consumer” and “Comprehensive.”
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    Unanswered Questions about brakes fitting

    I am aware that there are different mounting options for brakes, i.e. direct or post mount, as well as 6 bolt or centre lock for rotors. How do I find out which is which on the bike and which brakes fit? Sorry if this a noob question.
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    Unanswered Which brake pads?

    Shimano BR-M6000 brakes. I want to use Trickstuff+ brake pads, but I’m not sure what pads fit what brakes, if there are any differences in size at all.
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    2018 Vitus E-Sentier clamp size issue

    It’s 31.8mm and I fancy a bar and stem that I think requires 35mm clamp size. Am I completely stuck and have to find another stem and bar? Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question.
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    Unanswered Which stem and handlebar combo should I go for?

    Going for an upgrade to better fit the bike for me, basically. Looking at either the P-DENT CARBON BAR AND STEM or the Spank Spike 25-30 DM Stem with maybe a Spank Vibrocore.